The latest E3 Coverage for Fallout: New Vegas (Updated)


It’s been more than a week since the last game journalist vacated the LA Convention Center (rumors of some being trapped inside have yet to be confirmed), but the E3 coverage continues to make it’s way online for your reading pleasure.

E3 offered a first chance for many to get their hands on New Vegas. Among the eager, first-time players was Atomic Gamer’s Jeff Buckland. Here’s an excerpt from his preview

“For those who are wondering whether Obsidian was able to make a brand new experience in the style of Fallout 3, the hour or so I spent with the game makes it seem like everything is pretty much in order. But it’s the new elements as well as the renewed interest, two years after Fallout 3, which gets me more excited.”

For more hands-on impressions, as well as accolades for the game at the show, hit the jump below.


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Reader Comments

  1. congrats on the positive coverage! the combat, map design, interface changes, and story sound like they’re making good impressions. though, for some reason a lot of these journalists seem obsessed with the gambling! little mention is made of the graphics, and frankly i’m not expecting much improvement there – but who cares? FO3 still looks great, so even a small increase in quality will still make for a good-looking game.

    lol, more TES trolling… yawn. you’re right, it’s not TES V, thankfully. maybe i should start a betting pool to see how many more units Fallout sells than TES – again.

  2. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still gonna buy New Vegas, I loved FO3… but there’s a whole lot of people still waiting for the next TES game.

    I’d be happy with an official message from Bethesda that just says “Yes, we’re making it, and it’s going to be awesome”, but there’s a complete lack of news.

    So many people thought there’d be some kind of announcement about it at this year’s E3. Oh well 🙁

  3. ive watched every single interview (almost) at least twice. i really cant wait to play this game. btw thank you for the c4, you read my mind on that one.