RAGE E3 Wrapup: After the Impact

Earlier today RAGE garnered a total of five Game Critics nominations, the most of any game that was at E3. That said, the press obviously had some nice things to say about the game in their previews.

In addition to last week’s roundup, here’s a look at some of the latest previews we’ve seen:

  • 1UP: “The 10 Best Looking Games of E3 2010”
  • USA Today: “RAGE looks fantastic and combat seems intense.”
  • GamePro: “It’s not only an impressive new piece of technology that looks unbelievably good, but it’s a brand new IP designed to elevate the whole genre to a new level.

And more from:

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Reader Comments

  1. Looks really impressive. I really hope I can play this with my friends on a LAN. That was what I wanted to do the whole time when I played Fallout 3. Just explore an underground tunnel with my mates and roam the wasteland.

  2. well… i dont know what to think about this game. i have never played an id game before. and the graphics look awesome and i like that everything is unique in the sense that there are not two rocks in the game that looks the same, but i dont see how this is going to “raise the bar” for FPS’s or how its that much different. and i dont know if the story is that great it doesnt seem to really reel me in. i like post apocolyptic things but i like nuclear settings more than natural disasters. i will rent this though for sure. just not sure if its ganna be a must buy for me. but her we still have 2011 till release hopefully you will have something new about rage that will impress me more.