QuakeCon Registration Changes


Earlier today we released new information about the registration process for QuakeCon 2010. Whether you’re a regular to QC or a first-time attendee, you probably have questions about getting set up. To help, Marty Stratton, Executor of All Things Awesome at QuakeCon, to explain this year’s registration process.

Take it away, Marty!

QuakeCon is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited. Things have been quietly progressing behind the scenes as we plan this year’s event, but today’s announcement really marks the beginning of our run-up to QuakeCon 2010 in Dallas on August 12-15.  We have a ton of exciting news and information to share over the next few weeks, but I wanted to offer a little bit of insight into the changes to our registration process — particularly for those that have attended in the past — as it is one of the more significant changes we’re making to the operation of the event this year.

First, if you’ve never been to QuakeCon, joining us this year couldn’t be easier — all you have to do is show up. Bring your gaming rig if you’ like to hook up and play with the nearly 3,000 other gamers in the LAN party, or just spend your days taking in the sights and sounds of the pro tournaments, exhibit hall, special events, speakers and entertainment. There is literally something for everyone that enjoys video games and it’s all free thanks to id, Bethesda, our volunteers and sponsors.

If you’ve been to a previous QuakeCon, you might remember that we’ve traditionally had an online pre-registration. While this was an exciting online event itself, we’ve learned over the last couple of years that it really did very little to help us better serve attendees during the onsite registration process and was even a bit of a detriment to those that ended up on the BYOC “waiting list” or what we’ve called the “first come, first served” line onsite. The truth of the matter is that we’ve always had room for everyone that brought their computer to the event, but we’ve had to hold large groups of attendees in line simply because someone (many of whom don’t even plan on attending) got a “guaranteed” BYOC spot during online pre-registration. Some might say that we’ve turned the entire process into “first come, first served,” and that is actually the point. We want to able to process all attendees as they arrive on site, in the order in which they arrive, and just like every year, we fully expect to have space for everyone who wants to be in the BYOC. Ultimately, registering everyone on-site allows us to focus all of our efforts on better serving those that do attend.

To accomplish this, we will be utilizing a combination of new registration software, hardware and processes based on years of experience. With that, we will be able register attendees and their equipment more quickly and efficiently than ever before — lessening the time spent in lines, lessening the time moving cumbersome equipment through various registration check-points, and generally streamline the process for every attendee, whether bringing a computer or not.

We’re looking forward to another fantastic QuakeCon and hope to see all of our old friends as well as meet some new ones.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m a little scared to be honest. What kind of security features will be in place, same as before? I’ve always had my registration info with me during check-in so it was quite a breeze to get in the door. Personally I feel waiting in line is all part of the event, gives you that feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Oh and on-line registration is like the opening chapter for the years coming QuakeCon, gets everyone all hyped for the event, it lets you know it’s almost here! I am willing to try the new system but I am not sold.

  2. Since I usually can’t be there til Friday afternoon it was always nice to know a BYOC spot was safe and reserved… I hope the amount of people that bring their machines now won’t fill the BYOC more than expected!! But, I suppose we shall just wait and see how it goes, won’t stop me from comin’ in person to see how it plays out. 🙂 Thanks id and everyone for hosting and for modding things to try to make them even better!

  3. All due respect intended, I don’t think I’m quite sold on this idea either. It seems like it’s going to be rather slow and cumbersome. I realize that there were problems with the previous system, but saying that creating (what essentially is) a giant “FCFS” line will be faster than having the actual “FCFS” line is like saying that drinking a keg of beer will render me more sober than drinking a glass of beer would. I agree with Anon that online registration really helps the hype and promotion of the event. Even if some of the pre-regs didn’t show up, it still also gave you a small idea of how many was going to come. I am skeptical, obviously, but willing to become a believer. Convert me! 🙂

  4. how will groups of people that want to sit together but arrive at different points in the line be handled? I’ll be there with PLR (peaceloveandrockets.com) and they usually have a section setup for the PLR guys.

  5. Who do I email to reserve tables for goontown this year? Last year we got some high visibility dayglo orange plastic construction… ribbon and taped off three tables, only to come back the next day to find two of the tables’ tape had been removed by some overzealous volunteer(s?). The 30+ goons that showed up had to sit scattered around the area rather than next to eachother.

  6. So do we have and event code for the hotel? That is what I am missing now that I don’t have to look for a Pre-reg spot.

  7. I have worked retail for 4 years during all major seasons for a major chain and i can tell you for a fact this is a bad idea with regards to the Byoc. (i went to quake con last year) This process will not be smooth nor will it result in shorter lines because its a known retail fact that the perception of first come first serve basis is limited availability. In short all this will do is create havoc as now not only do they have to reserve a room, but now they have be there early as possible or they will not get a BYOC spot (this will be the mind set perceived whether true or not). I would expect from experience knowing how people react in this scenario, that say you have a known capacity, you will have at a min 40-50% of those attendants lined up ready to kick down the door at zero hour. what im getting at is that if the need for BYOC is great enough among the attendants, and FCFS educes enough fear of not being able to attend BYOC (since to many its very important to do so), for quakecon this could result in a line in excess of 1000+,…so yea for the sake of us all bring back on-line registration for BYOC and let the stampede take place on a server, so that way we dont wind up sitting in a line for 10 hours because you guys didn’t realize this was going to happen..or could happen…

  8. My only concern is that I will not be able to be there this year until friday night. I would hate my 6 year veteranship of the BYOC to be ruined because I didn’t get there at the right time. And how will clans that need to sit together be handled?

  9. This will be my 7 year attending Quakecon and I got to be honest, I’m a little mixed on this new registration process.

    How will those of us that arrive over a day early to volunteer be handled, you mentioned we will be processed as we arrive but does this count for pre-event setup people?

    Also, what about volunteer sign ups I see nothing about them. Do you think it would be wise to just let all the volunteer hopefuls show up in one big pile with no idea as to what they are doing? Seems like it would be a HUGE waste of time deciding what to do with these people on the spot.

  10. The volunteers weren’t being overzealous, the event just doesn’t allow reserved seating. The only groups that had reserved seating last year were associated with the Console Village feature (which included a Goon Town area).

  11. For the guy that said he showed up Friday and was happy to know it was reserved, you didn’t understand how registration worked. Once the Pre-reg line on Thursday slowed it was all FCFS, if you showed up after FCFS started you no longer had any seat reservation so this doesn’t change any thing for you.

  12. First of all, if you arrived on Friday in the past, then your seat was not guaranteed. The seats were only guaranteed until the FCFS line starts moving.

    The only way to sit together has always been to get there at the same time. If you didn’t get there at the same time but still got to sit together, then you were just lucky in the past.

    There is no reserving of seats at Quakecon. Please reference the Quakecon Forums at http://forums.quakecon.org for more info and to have your questions answered quickly.

  13. What about people who come in from afar? We come in every year from Illinois and “what if..” we don’t get in to the BYOC?

  14. I am not understanding the questions of “group seating” as Travis has said we have never had a “group seating” The way it has worked in the pasted (unofficial) is that the first person of the group to arrive would save the required amount seats. Unless I am missing somethings that says you will get a seat number and that’s where you need to be it will be the same this year, and knowing ash if that was the case he would not let the powers the be sleep until it was changed 🙂


  15. I’m going to have to un-like this on fb. If people don’t pre-register online, that’s their own fault for being lazy. I’m afraid this year is going to have the biggest lines for all – punishing all, instead of just the people who didn’t take 15 minutes to type a hundred words.

  16. Amen Marty! I’ve been to almost every Quakecon since the late 90’s and I can’t say how happy I am to finally see this happen. For years I have been saying the online registration process is almost pointless. Every year it is … wait for it to be posted on /., and then less than 24 hours later, if you haven’t signed up, you’re on the waiting list! It has been a hype for everyone to reserve a spot that that may have no intention on filling. I have never seen QC completely turn away gamers from the BYOC, but I can understand why a lot of people are weary of this approach though.

    Perhaps a pseudo-registration system could be setup for people traveling to QC from afar, like show proof of plane reservation or photocopy of drivers license showing you aren’t from around here, etc. Those select few could then rest assured that they won’t be turned away on arrival. Every year people fly in from Korea, Germany, etc. Just a thought, but I’m sure you guys have already thought about that, right?

  17. I have been going to quakecon for the last 2 years. I love it. I have seen a few comments about people worried they wont get a spot, but the BYOC has never filled up. In fact, even when I registered online, I still had to wait in line and register again. I don’t think the new way will be a problem.

    I think it would be a good idea to give people the option for a guaranteed BYOC spot if you book that weekend in the host hotel. Its good business for everyone. I personally am local so I’m not even staying in the hotel.

  18. I agree that this is a good change. Anyone who ever had even a remote chance to pre-register did, just because they wanted to be locked in. Many of those people ended up not attending (and not giving up their spot online). Therefore, the FCFS line had to wait a whole day. I have attended and volunteered at several QuakeCons, and there has always been extra space in the BYOC.

  19. Can you guys not read? Have you ever been to Quakecon?

    There are always almost a dozen rows in the back that are scarcely/unused by everyone. There is always room in the BYOC. There is nothing to worry about.

  20. Welp, this is my 8th or 9th Qcon and while it has not filled up over the last few years, there is always that possibility. I would hate to be that person or persons who drove/flew 16 hours and could not get in. Personally, I thought the online registration worked out pretty well. It gave me a sense of security knowing that if I had secured a spot that a spot would be there when I showed up…provided I claimed my spot within a reasonable time period on Thursday. Me and my son would usually show up before 2pm on Thursday. If the BYOC does not fill up…no worries, but if it does and people start showing up after paying for hotels and plane fares…DUCK!

  21. So if this will be FCFS, does that mean we will still have the opportunity to line up the night before or hit first thing in the morn on opening day. not sure how the hotel would like that.. but just thought i’d ask cause we are always there, in line, way ahead of time..

  22. I’m flying in from New York, so this new registration process makes me a little nervous.. However, I think it’s a great idea and could be a vast improvement over the previous system, but it seems risky.

    For instance you need a general idea of how many people ARE intending to show up, just to be sure you don’t end up going over capacity / to give you some extra time to prepare extra space/routers – PLUS it would speed things up if people have their hardware list printed out ahead of time…

    A possible solution for both might be to have a downloadable PDF form with a download counter on it (must enter email address prior to downloading it (can mark +1 etc if you’re making a copy for your gf or whatever – duplicate emails would be omitted from count) that everyone can fill out at their leisure any time prior to the event.

    At least then there would be a vague estimate of how many people might show up and a good majority will show up in line with their hardware lists already printed out and ready to go. And their wouldn’t be the old registration style server overload since there would be no real urgency nor even absolute necessity to download the form.. it’d just be a convenience for those that want to save some hassle and pen shuffling in line and the BYOC wouldn’t be as likely to have a nasty surprise of unforseen long-distance-traveling masses showing up.

  23. @GrandNooblar,

    I think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t have any issues. If you’d like 100% certainty that you won’t have issues, we’d advise reserving a room at the Anatole under the block of rooms we have set aside.