RAGE “Wall”papers now available


Have you been thinking about redecorating your jet airplane? Need to paint your barn, but tired of those dull stripes and solids? Looking for a unique way to drive away those pesky neighbors? We may have the solution for you.

As you can see above, the MegaTexture technology behind RAGE’s visuals lends itself well to high-resolution composites. Three such images were recently used to create massive wall-sized displays for our booth at E3.

However, rather than keep these impressive images to ourselves, we’re now releasing them for mass consumption. Each of the three murals has been converted into standard-sized wallpapers, in 25 resolutions covering PCs, dual-monitor setups, iPads and iPhones.

But wait, there’s more. In addition to those versions, we’re also offering the original, uncompressed, 280mb+, 25K resolution images. That’s a lot of image, and it’s all free to you, the fan. So get downloading:

Dead City Desktops ZIP (25 resolutions, 13.3mb)
Mutants Desktops ZIP (25 resolutions, 5.5mb)
Wasteland Desktops ZIP (25 resolutions, 5.5mb)

Dead City TIF (25,600×9,080 resolution, 282mb)
Mutants TIF (25,600×16,000 resolution, 363mb)
Wasteland TIF (25,600×16,000 resolution, 324mb)

Reader Comments

  1. AGGHHH!!! The joyful RAGE is too much to contain to abstain to a bane joyful of images violent and soulful!

    Thank you Bethesda! Thank you ID Software! Thank you Niiiick uhhhh….

  2. Just spruced up my background with the “wasteland” pic. Pretty nice I must say, now I just hope it looks like this in-game.

    And on a side note, I really hope Rage isn’t like Borderlands. So far it looks pretty similar. And I can honestly say that I didn’t care to much for Borderlands. Gearbox hyped it to much, made promises that they didn’t keep.

    But, if it is then I’ll expect it to be A LOT better as id is making it. Hopefully, exploration will be taken into consideration. I like my sand box games, but lately it seems they’re getting pretty linear.

  3. Rage looks like it’s shooting for something different than Borderlands, which is fine. I loved Borderlands, probably more than any game in a REALLY long time. If you like Diablo-style rpg as well as fps, there’s simply nothing better. If you’re not a fan of Diablo, then Borderlands won’t do anything for you. You’ll be wondering what all the random loot and skill trees are doing messing up your single-player campaign game. While I think it’s fine for Rage to shoot for a different mark than Borderlands, I do hope they capture at least a portion of the co-op fun and longevity that Borderlands has.

  4. The video so far looks excellent. I guess I share just a little of the concern of people mentioning Borderlands, but this clearly has more variety and great looks, not to mention that I have more faith in id for correctly handling the pc version of their product.

    With such beautiful environments and physics I only wish someone could be using your awesome new engine to make the next first person jet-pack team shooter.

  5. Why does everyone bring up Borderlands when an apocalyptic FPS is mentioned. Brink, Rage.. neither of them will be anything like Borderlands. Even Fallout wasn’t an original concept. All of these games take at least something from Mad Max (Brink being the least obvious of them all)

    Borderlands was a good game, it didn’t take my fancy either but I could appreciate that it was a decent game for an RPG-FPS… but that’s what it was. RPG first, FPS second. If anything Rage is going to have more in common with Farcry 2… FPS sandbox, let’s just hope the handling of the vehicles is handled like a decent keyboard-friendly racing game, or at the least the more pleasing examples of GTA style vehicles.

  6. [Print this hi-res pictures will cost about 250$ in big size

    Left by Mistyk on July 4th, 2010 ]

    I’d paid TWICE that much for a rampaging monstrosity of a game like RAGE. Hint hint..

    Just kidding or am i?

    Yes am decorating my desktop with a different one of these for each day of the July 4th holiday weekend. Thank you and happy holidays to all.

  7. I just downloaded the mutants giant image, but couldn’t display it because I didn’t have enough available memory…

    …that is possibly one of the most badass error messages I’ve seen on my computer, thanks Id!

    P.S. If it wasn’t clear enough in my comment this isn’t a complaint, I’m just praising how awesomely-huge these images are.

  8. How about the large TIF images as high quality JPG images, followed by a link to SeaDragon so that we can enjoy them without having to download and process a 300mb image?

  9. @Wotan: Borderlands was FPS first, then you might try to look for some RPG. Getting orders from people is something you get from most shooters nowadays. And no dialogues and no real-character-development is something that make game not-RPG.
    Because if those few elements of RPGs in Borderlands are making it RPG, then soon we will learn GTA is RPG. Or Command and Conquer.
    Of course, Diablo maniacs might want to kill me, but Diablo isn’t RPG. And Borderlands is the same game as Diablo, just in FPP.

  10. Those images are corrupted when i downloaded them 🙁
    I think there are already corrupted versions on server.
    Some p2p download would be nice, like torrent or something it’s ideal for big files.

  11. I’m waiting for Rage to be available for pre-order from Best Buy. Anyone have a clue when or if this is going to happen?