Todd Howard gives an Irrational Interview


Irrational Games’ new interview series “Irrational Interviews” launched this morning, and seeing as Irrational’s Ken Levine and Bethesda’s Todd Howard have known each other for years, it’s fitting that the pilot episode features the two chatting for a good 45 minutes.

Levine and Howard were joined by podcast host/associate producer Shawn Elliott, the trio touching on in-depth topics that ranged from in-game flashback sequences to slot machine design. Give the episode a listen over on the Irrational Games site.

Reader Comments

  1. I was getting 404 for a few hours on Irrational web when i got the link in my RSS, kept refreshing. It was worth waiting. The podcast was awesome, had some great history and info and got me pumped for whatever Howard and Ken are working on next.

    Irrational treats their community proper! 🙂

  2. Great interview and was happy its in mp3 format so i can listen to it again for anything i may have missed on the first listen.

    Loved the part about not making games frustrating and keeping it fun aswell as rewarding while satisfying the hardcore base at the same time thats been playing since the late 1980s or earlier.

    Its funny all these years later after playing tons of mods that its the original formula by Bethesda which is the most sound and satisfying in MORROWIND,OBLIVION,FALLOUT 3 etc. I think what knocked the old fans including myself for a loop is getting used to something so new and fresh yet still very familiar. When i first played MORROWIND i was expecting DAGGERFALL with updated graphics instead i got something totally different with its own just as buetiful character which i had to take my time to know instead of bum rushing it to a mod to suit my spoiled gamer self. I eventually realised just like DAGGERFALL that MORROWIND etc were all highly moldable to ones fantasies even without mods due to the richness of everything.

    Ye gads that Arkham Asylum spoiler was a doozy ha ha 😀


  3. This was Awesome! Very insightful interview, I enjoyed the straight talk about aspects of making the games more enjoyable and fun. They should teach some of these things in schools, I had to take notes!