Team V101 Vaults to 4-0 in TF2 Studio Rumble Tournament


BETHESDA, MD (Softworks News Services) — Team V101 scored six times to defeat the combined forces of NCsoft-Gmork on Thursday night, earning the Bethesda Vault Dwellers another victory in their Team Fortress 2 campaign of game studio conquest.

“It was a pretty tough fight,” said V101 spy/Bethesda artist Nathan Purkeypile of the match, which took place as part of the latest Studio Rumble tournament.

The 6-3 win extends V101’s unbeaten record to 4-0, securing the team a place in the upcoming quarterfinals.

Both teams fielded nine players for an extended battle on capture-the-flag map “ctf_doublecross.” NCsoft-Gmork made a valiant push to score twice in the closing minutes of the match, but Bethesda managed to hold them off as the timer ticked down.

“Their spy checking was pretty intense and their scout was very good,” said Purkeypile, before praising his own squad. “Everyone who played did an awesome job.”

The TF2 Studio Rumble pits several teams from various game developers against each other in a multi-stage tournament. Participating studios include Blizzard, Gearbox, Telltale, Turbine and others. NCsoft-Gmork is comprised of players from four studios: NCsoft, Arena Net, Carbine and Sony Bend.

While Thursday’s showing adds another notch to Bethesda’s fire axe, V101 is facing tough competition in the rounds ahead; four teams currently boast perfect records.

“If that lasts, week six is the week to watch for,” said Purkeypile. “In week six we face off against Gearbox, and NCsoft-Falkor and Blizzard will face off. After that week, we’ll know who is really in first place.”

Bethesda is scheduled to battle the ghostbusting Texans from Terminal Reality next week on cp_granary and koth_harvest.


Reader Comments

  1. good job guys i didnt know you played that. was playing tf2 myself earlier. i loooove playing the spy >:)
    P.S. i hate demomen they screw my spy over more than any pyro.