Around the web in 30 links


Lots of good stuff in this update, so let’s get right to it.

First, a few fun miscellaneous things to click on:

Keep reading for more on RAGE, Hunted, Brink and Fallout: New Vegas.

In game news, the press aren’t at all done writing about Hunted. Here are some more interviews and previews with which to read up on our latest co-op action game:

A few more Brink previews to pick apart for gameplay details, including:

Of course, Fallout: New Vegas is still getting lots of attention.

And riding its wave of E3 awards, a few more RAGE articles are popping up:

If you get through all of that, send us in a picture of your completion time.

Reader Comments

  1. That’s some good info to sift through. I was going to post more but the new design has given me cataracts… I like the facebook integration though, now I can impose my Fallout obsession upon all of my family and friends! muhaha!