RAGE, Hunted Gameplay Videos on GameSpot

GameSpot’s posted up several new sparkling videos for RAGE and Hunted this week, showing off many minutes of gameplay from each of the two titles.

Below are the links for each of the seven clips, which all conveniently allow for download and HD viewing.



Let us know what you think in the comments.

Reader Comments

  1. Ugh..I always cringe when I see someone playing an FPS with a controller. ;P.

    Rage, the game looks absolutely great! Amazing detail. Enemy movement is kinda unique, weapons look cool. The amount of damage you can take..well I’ll be playing this on nightmare difficulty most likely. I liked the sound a lot. The extreme dynamics compression and distortion is probably the result of a bad video transfer but it sounded really cool! Like some early 80’s B movie SCI-FI action flick. 🙂 Too bad that won’t be the part of the game.

    The vehicles are, uh…they behave like RC cars. This is probably a hit or miss though, highly subjective. I’m still wondering how the character interactions look, but I guess it’s still not there yet.

    But the game really looks amazing and I expected nothing less from ID. I hope it provides a good chunk of hours to play through, like D3 did. I’ll be fully immersed and entertained it seems.


  2. Man that dollar is sweet! Established developers compromising their core audience for the promise of delicious green from Halo and GoW fans. Hunted would be nice if:
    I could create my own character and I could play it without a goofy AI counterpart or having to wait for a friend to be free. Why the hell does everything have to be social?