Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame — May and June


Planet Elder Scrolls has put up their Hall of Fame mods for the month of June. Below you’ll find them, plus the the inductees from May.

Oblivion mods

Check out the Morrowind mods after the break…


Morrowind mods

Souly Soulgems(!) by Earth Wyrm: Mod replaces meshes, textures and icons for the game’s soulgems.
Guars by abot (shown above): First Star Wars gets digital Dewbacks with Stormtroopers, now Morrowind has mountable Guars!
Animated Morrowind by Arcimaestro Antares: Adds some new animated NPCs to the world, and gives animations to some NPCs of the original game.

Hats off to all that work on these mods for their contributions to the modding community.

Reader Comments

  1. the more i read about these mods, the more i want to buy these games on pc. its a shame more developers havent used mods for thier games like UT3 on the ps3. perhaps its not possible for these types of games. but still it would be cool.

  2. Gorgeous Oblivion screenshot for the camp mod. I wonder how good a TES game could look with modern technology? 😉

  3. I honestly just want another Elder Scrolls game, no more apocalypse, just Elder Scrolls. These mods make me remember what a great game Oblivion was and I want the next Elder Scrolls installment.