Fallout: New Vegas at San Diego Comic-Con!


A legion of Imperial Stormtroopers? Check. Rorschach wannabes? Of course. Fallout: New Vegas and developers from Obsidian?? WHO…. WHA???

In less than two weeks, Fallout: New Vegas will make its way to San Diego Comic-Con with Fallout: New Vegas Senior Designer Chris Avellone and New Vegas Creative Lead John Gonzalez (as well as George Ziets — Creative Lead on Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer and the upcoming Dungeon Siege III) participating in a special panel called Fallout: Game Writing in Evolving Franchises. The panel takes place on Friday, July 23rd from 4:30-5:30 in Room 9.

All very good news, right? Well, the bad news is that San Diego Comic-Con is already sold out. If you are interested in attending, you might want to check out their site for information on returned memberships.

For more details on the Fallout: New Vegas panel, visit the event’s official website.

Reader Comments

  1. Sounds good to me! Maybe a video even longer than 12 minutes perhaps… I look forward to see what new footage they have in store, maybe details into that new Caravan card game they have been working on? Definitely keeping my ears perked.