Cold, hard FAQs on Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Orders, Collector’s Edition


Since announcing the Collector’s Edition and digital pre-order packs for Fallout: New Vegas, we’ve received questions here at Bethesda Blog and within our forums about both. Today we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

If I already pre-ordered the game, will I still get the content offered by that store?

If you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of the game, you’ll receive whatever pre-order digital pack that store is offering. For instance, if you had already pre-ordered from Gamestop, you’ll receive the Classic Pack when you purchase and pick up the game upon it’s release.

I want a specific pre-order item, but the pack I’m interested in is not yet listed as being available with the purchase of the Collector’s Edition.  What should I do?

Not all stores that are planning to sell the Collector’s Edition have linked the pre-order item to the CE yet.  Keep an eye on your favorite retailer’s website to see if they add it at a future date.

If I don’t pre-order a certain pack, what items will I not be able to get later in my gameplay experience?

If you look at the pre-order digital pack images below, you’ll see that there are items designated as a *Pre-Order Exclusive – these items will only be available with that specific pre-order digital pack.  As for the items listed at the bottom of each image (Also Includes*), these items will be available to you as an added benefit at the beginning of your quest in Fallout: New Vegas, but they will also found within the Mojave Wasteland during your gameplay experience.

If I pre-order from different locations, will I be able to access multiple pre-order digital packs within one game save?

Pre-Order items are given to customers once the game is picked up for purchase. If you have purchased the game at multiple retailers, yes, you’d be able to access any and all digital content within one game save.

Also be aware that the content will be delivered by way of a code. The code will only be redeemable once.

Outside of purchasing the game from multiple outlets, is there a way to get multiple pre-order incentives? And how will I receive the extra content for the game?

We have no announced plans to sell these packs separately. You should plan on pre-ordering from the retailer that sells your favorite pack. When you pick up the game upon its release, you’ll receive the pre-order incentive.

It should be noted that the Collector’s Editions will be available on a limited basis. While we will be offering them at various retailers, once they’re out of stock, they will no longer be available to pre-order.

Will other territories be getting the Collector’s Edition and similar pre-order offers?

As already indicated, digital pre-order packs and the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition are planned for release in other territories.  As we have more information to share on this (soon!), we’ll be sure to let you know.

If you’ve pre-ordered from a store in another territory that will be offering digital pre-order packs, you’ll receive whatever pack that store is offering.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi, i was just wondering, (im not sure if its been stated anywhere) but if you get a pre order pack and use the code, then do you get the pre order items INSTEAD of the regular in-game starting items (jumpsuit, 9mm pistol etc..) or AS WELL as these items???

    So basically is it one or the other or both???

  2. I’ve also pre-ordered the CE version for the PC. Sadly I heard a few days ago that the CE version won’t be available anywhere in the Netherlands for the PC, but all retail stores are able to selling the CE version for the consoles. Sounds really confusing to me.

    Why this redraw of the PC CE version (in the Netherlands (and possible Benelux))? I was really looking forward to the CE version!

  3. Is the preorder available for all of September and October until the release? And are Collectors Editions guaranteed at the retailer purchased from?(with the preorder)Thanks.

  4. so you guys just delete questions you don’t feel like answering? i guess i’ll just preorder medal of honor or call of duty then, since they actually provide feedback to customers.

  5. @pat — as it was your first comment, it needs to be approved for posting (it wasn’t deleted). The pre-order window from one retailer to the next can vary. If you’re buying in person, be sure to ask if the pre-order promotions are still available, and if you’re ordering online, you should know if it’s still available by looking to see if they’re still offering the promotion on their website.

    If you have a pre-order for the Collector’s Edition, you should have no problem getting it.

  6. i think you should give give us a transfer cable and a new geck if we preorder the game from gamestop for xbox 360 and is it possible to join and or make a club of pepole and or animals ext. and thank you for this game

  7. I tryed to pre-order the collectors edition at gamestop but they said that they couldnt order anymore or something. Im going to try walmart. But my question is that Is it true?

  8. Just contacted Best Buy (‘888’ # & local store#) & found out you CAN NOT preorder PS3 Collector’s Edition at this time & should check again later (what the heck…game comes out in 2 weeks). Are you kidding me! I was advised there is a problem with the warehouse vs. inventory! Just thought someone should know that I’m not happy. Only reason I wanted to purchase through BB was their offer of Free Casino Coaster Gift Pack + 500 Bonus Reward Zone Points (as they have advertised) if purchased on BB card. I had to wait until this week’s paycheck to preorder, did I snooze to lose? BTW, I’m recently hooked on Fallout3 (courtesy of my game development student/nephew), female & 53 years old. So it doesn’t appear that I’ll get what I’d hoped for…since I’m an experienced consumer, but new to gaming, does this happen a lot, where you or your retail provider, promote a product with all this hype & extras, then don’t deliver?

    • @Cissy, I’ll look into it. As of last week, they were still selling the CE on their site.

      As noted in a recent blog post, the CE is very limited. It’s possible that they’re running out of their inventory. Once all the CEs are accounted for, we’re not doing a second run.

  9. do the pre order outfits look different when warn by a female characters like in fallout 3
    and can we see some pics of that please of a female character wearing them
    as their they are only displayed by male characters was their any reason for display them male character only

  10. Okay i’m going to keep this as simple and quick as i can. I am a PS3 owner so i will be buying fallout for the PS3. So will a close friend of mine. When we got Bioshock 2 I did not pre order it and he did. But He has his account set up on my playstaion and mine his, This way our DLC is interchange able. So when he got the Pre order bonus I was able to log on and download it to my system. I would like to know if new vegas pre orders will work the same, that way we can plan to pre order different packs.

  11. I pre-ordered the collectors edition of fallout: new vegas from it is supposed to be shipped to my house. will the preorder content from walmart (caravan pack) come with it in the mail or will have to go and pick it up with a receipt or something?

  12. Hi
    Bought the game on steam Uk, but my connection is lousy. i was wondering if you are allowing pre download before release as it will take a few days with my connection


  13. i am currently in the u.s now in florida and i live in the uk and i want to buy fallout new vegas collectors edition but i do not have any info as to whether or not buying the game in the u.s will be compatible with my english xbox. Can you please help me out as to if buying the game in the u.s is PAL compatible? please help!!!

  14. loved fallout 3. played it strong since release to may wen ps3 broke, new vegas was one of the reasons for a new one. i pre ordered it at gamestop, they said sumthin bout the classic pack code on the receipt, anyone can verify for me? anyway, counting the days, 3 more!

  15. I’ve seen a weapon that looks like the mercenary’s grenade rifle in the E3 demo video. Will it be exclusive to the preordered pack even though it was in the demo?

  16. I wish they wouldn’t do this preorder crap. Just sell the same game everywhere, what’s the problem? Is this supposed to make us all give our money even sooner, before anyone has seen the game and written a real review? A lot of fanboys are just going to buy it anyway so what’s the point? It sure isn’t for the gamers or they wouldn’t make us pick and choose. I haven’t preordered yet, and I’m really wondering if I even want to preorder. I’ll possibly just wait a week and pay $20 for someone’s copy on Ebay. Good job, Bethesda.

  17. The prepurchase classic pack code for the PS3 from gamestop is not working. I’ve tried several times since getting home at 12:23 a.m. Central and it says this code has either been used or is not a proper code. I hope this is merely a case of Sony failing to set up the download for people on the release night. I also hope it doesn’t mean I have to restart the game to gain access of the items once I download (if I get to) the classic pack.

  18. I haven’t hooked my PS3 to the internet; I have no plans to. Is it possible for me to download my Classic Pack via my computer and then move it onto my PS3?

  19. @Spindles:

    Press the Xbox Guide button (the big Green X in the middle), go to the left twice and click Redeem Code. Put the code in there and download. Enjoy.

  20. I read all of the posted comments and i’m kind of upset. I don’t understand why the starting DLC won’t be sold on Xbox live, or any console for that reason. I get that if we had to preorder all the copies you guys would make more money but, isn’t preordering and then buying the collectors guide enough? I spent more then i want to admit on the game, i love them. I would be willing to buy the DLC but i don’t have the money to have preordered every copy. If you were planning on making the experience as best as possible please consider selling the packs individually or as a bundle. Thanks.

  21. I preordered Fall Out New Vegas from… just to get the Caravan Pack and I did not get it when it arrived in the mail… Do I have any recourse??

  22. @J. Bishop

    How you receive it depends on the retailer. I didn’t receive the code by traditional mail but by an e-mail from the webstore.

  23. I have a question regarding the classic pack that came with the pre ordered game. I just bought a new XBOX 360 and he classic pack did not transfer into the new Xbox. Is there anything I can do to get my classic pack on the new XBox? Thanks for any help in this.


  24. HI

    Bought collectors edition on PS3, I received the code from vendor, but where do I enter it? I cannot see anywhere in-game or on PSN/Store to enter the code???

  25. Hi. Is there any chance there will be more Fallout New Vegas Collector’s Edition PC on the market any soon? Oh, in UK! 😉 Thanks!

  26. Hi,I`ve received my CE one week ago(preordered it on to get the caravan pack)Haven`t played it yet,but I hope its uncut,It was listed as uncut when I orderd it.But now my question,I was seA

  27. Sorry my comment was cut off,but I orderd the CE in austria( wheres the download code?I could not find it in the box,not in the instructions.Is it on a little paper or what?

  28. I got the game of the year edition and I think it has add on content and walked around waiting for the add on content to show but it hasnt yet and its been about 15 minutes does the game of the year edition even have the add on content?????and no Im not getting the collecters edition…….

  29. i just got the game and i had a few q’s. one, can you own the penthouse suite in the ultra luxe casino? two, can the brotherhood of steel and the ncr get along? (not trying to kill each other). and three, this prolly isnt true but i herd that if you get an egg of any kind, there is an incubator somewhere you can put it in and it will hatch? having it hatch, it is now your pet. these all sound dumb but i just finished fallout 3 with all the downloadabel content and decided to give this game a try. so far i like it. plz reply someone with helpfull solutions.

  30. i cant get my fallout 3 on pc to work i downloaded it of microsoft games marketplace every time i try to make a new game it stops working please someone help me i got it for my birthday and every thing else has turned out suckish so please!!!!

  31. is there a possibility of adding a dlc that adds co-op mode or somthing? i mean it would be such a great thing for a fallout game making it more funner and cooler, im sure any follout player would pay 16$ or 10$ to get this experience please reply back thanx