Cold, hard FAQs on Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Orders, Collector’s Edition


Since announcing the Collector’s Edition and digital pre-order packs for Fallout: New Vegas, we’ve received questions here at Bethesda Blog and within our forums about both. Today we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

If I already pre-ordered the game, will I still get the content offered by that store?

If you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of the game, you’ll receive whatever pre-order digital pack that store is offering. For instance, if you had already pre-ordered from Gamestop, you’ll receive the Classic Pack when you purchase and pick up the game upon it’s release.

I want a specific pre-order item, but the pack I’m interested in is not yet listed as being available with the purchase of the Collector’s Edition.  What should I do?

Not all stores that are planning to sell the Collector’s Edition have linked the pre-order item to the CE yet.  Keep an eye on your favorite retailer’s website to see if they add it at a future date.

If I don’t pre-order a certain pack, what items will I not be able to get later in my gameplay experience?

If you look at the pre-order digital pack images below, you’ll see that there are items designated as a *Pre-Order Exclusive – these items will only be available with that specific pre-order digital pack.  As for the items listed at the bottom of each image (Also Includes*), these items will be available to you as an added benefit at the beginning of your quest in Fallout: New Vegas, but they will also found within the Mojave Wasteland during your gameplay experience.

If I pre-order from different locations, will I be able to access multiple pre-order digital packs within one game save?

Pre-Order items are given to customers once the game is picked up for purchase. If you have purchased the game at multiple retailers, yes, you’d be able to access any and all digital content within one game save.

Also be aware that the content will be delivered by way of a code. The code will only be redeemable once.

Outside of purchasing the game from multiple outlets, is there a way to get multiple pre-order incentives? And how will I receive the extra content for the game?

We have no announced plans to sell these packs separately. You should plan on pre-ordering from the retailer that sells your favorite pack. When you pick up the game upon its release, you’ll receive the pre-order incentive.

It should be noted that the Collector’s Editions will be available on a limited basis. While we will be offering them at various retailers, once they’re out of stock, they will no longer be available to pre-order.

Will other territories be getting the Collector’s Edition and similar pre-order offers?

As already indicated, digital pre-order packs and the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition are planned for release in other territories.  As we have more information to share on this (soon!), we’ll be sure to let you know.

If you’ve pre-ordered from a store in another territory that will be offering digital pre-order packs, you’ll receive whatever pack that store is offering.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey, can you give me one good reason to get the collectors edition? I mean I need something in terms of game play like a exclusive special item or weapon I get get from getting the collectors edition. All the hard materials you get from the collector’s edition is not enough. It’s temporary, It won’t give me the “extra money was worth it” feeling, but if you were to offer me an exclusive in game item for buying the collector’s edition I would. But at the time I don’t see any good reason to buy the collector’s edition.

  2. I can not wait for this. I am replaying Fallout 3, this time on my 360. I wish there was a way to get the other pre order things from the stores i didnt order from. i know im greedy.

  3. “We have no announced plans to sell these packs separately”

    please please please please please please announce it sometime after release please please please please

  4. I have a weird question for the codes. Whether or not I have only one store pre-order or more, I understand each one is redeemed by way of a code and can only be redeemed once, but can anyone shed some light on the extent of those? I have an Xbox 360, so will the code be redeemed through the marketplace or will it be some kind of in-game menu? If redeemed through the marketplace, will the code only work on one account or will it pass to all accounts (i.e. Broken Steel/Point Lookout, etc. work on both my account and my g/f’s account on my system but was only purchased from my account). And will the code work with every play through? Or are the packs only applied through your first initial run?

  5. @Bryan

    It’s an Xbox marketplace code. It works like any other content from LIVE. As long as it’s downloaded to your system (see information online about Xbox LIVE content licenses) it will work.

  6. i pre orderd the colletors editien at gamemania in the netherlands but why are there only pre order benafits in de usa and not in europe or asia?

  7. burningjake. Reed the second and last segments again. There will be such content outside the states. Info will come soon.

  8. Spaghetti monster I HATE THIS PREORDER CRAP. Why can’t you guys just release the game without making your customers feel like idiots ?

  9. i don’t know…. as much as i love fallout and can’t wait for new vegas. i just don’t see any incentive to get the collectors edition. but other then that i already pre-ordered my regular copy 2 months ago

  10. Why Pre-Order? It’s not like there’s going to be a nuclear war and you’ll never get your copy, right?


    Looking forward to this one for sure. Hope to see some more detailed gameplay videos soon out of San Diego or QuakeCon…

  11. yay. go steam. no more disk swapping. cant wait for QuakeCon guys! please throw them at the crowd? attach razorblades.. whoever catches it is a true fan.

  12. you said on other territories (As we have more information to share on this (soon!)we’ll be sure to let you know)
    i remember you saying that mouths ago with collector edition and still nothing is this another lie ?

    why the delay ?
    should you have not waited to do world wide release instead of the USA first ?
    would have saved a lot moaning
    or do games companys not do world wide release to keep it fair ?

    • @darkzentai — unfortunately, until we have all the information to share, I’ve gotta still say, “it’s coming soon.” Rest assured, we’ll have info and it’ll give you plenty of time to order before October.

  13. Will the game depend on steam?
    I have bought 3 games that need steam to run (Dow2, chaos rising, ut3). I can install, validate and update the games, but when I want to run them they refuse to boot. So Steam is out of the question for me.

    I’m not at all interested in the pre-order stuff by the way. I don’t care at all for an extra suit, or a so called special gun. It ads little to nothing to the game experience. It is just a senseless hype. If we would get 15% off for pre-ordering that would mean something.

  14. the pre order code will be a scratcher card or something right? because gamestop tends to screw up the codes through reciepts(SP?). but i’m pre ordering my CE online so i’m curious

  15. I wish there was something for the collector’s edition in-game Gift. But i Feel like it nice to have it. But i wish we can have something like at Gauss Rifle from Fallout 3. But I am Still Getting the collector’s edition as i know it be a Collector. But if i did not have the money i will not get it because there no in game stuff other then the Preorder items from gamestop.

  16. Will the CE already have the items in the game or codes will still have to be redeemed?
    Are you going to go the same way as UbiSoft and require constant internet connection to play?
    I’ve already pre-ordered my copy like a month or two ago, can’t wait ’til October!

  17. do the pre order outfits look different when warn by a female characters like in fallout 3
    and can we see some pics of that please
    as their they are only displayed by male characters

  18. So, I’m assuming if we get Fo:NV on Steam, there’s no way for us to get the collector’s edition, huh? I’ve already pre-ordered it knowing this, but just kinda wanted clarification that there’s no way to get it…

  19. hey i was thinking about the play and how much better it was on pc with the G.E.C.K for fallout 3 well personaly i have a 360 and i like the controles better with it and my computer is really slow for the G.E.C.K and the game i really think that if fallout new vagas had a setup on the 360 as an add on tho the game like the p.c.s geck you guys could go gang busters with how much more it would add to the game

  20. I’m not really a fallout fan, but I can’t help thinking that certain enterprising people will put up the pre-order pack codes on ebay. I wonder how much they will make?

    This pre-order elitism is bad enough in online games, but it’s quite sad when it spreads to offline games. I just hope this dumb gimmick isn’t applied to TES games.

  21. @gstaff:
    Maybe this is the wrong forum, but here’s an idea with the exclusive pre-order packs. Perhaps you could offer the exclusive rewards as a purchase add-on thru the respective outlets. Each store would retain their exclusive content and the customers would be able to go around and purchase the pre-order goodies separately. This puts customers in their stores (which they like), generates a merchant item that is basically pure profit (which they like), and pleases your consumers all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win situation. It would not be hard to do as it would just be a digital code that the store sells. Whatcha think?

  22. GStaff said: “You just need Steam to activate the game.”

    Hold on. Are you saying if we buy retail box that we still need to register with Steam to activate the game?

  23. right so one time use means? d/l once use on multi saves? or d/l once use once (an hang urself for being dooped)? will u answer that question? or are we being dooped? other than tht F3 rocked Fnv will rock. thanks devs. f^c% kiddiebox this time plz. your PS3 fans buy dlc s too same with pc’s i bet probly more than crybox ppl (momie wont give them the credit card) thanks again for your time

    • @Blazebane — one time use means you download the content to your Xbox once. You can start a new game as many times as you like and the content will still be there each time. But after you redeem the code, it’s not like you can then give that redeemed code to a friend so they can play on their Xbox/PS3/PC… that’s what’s meant by it can only be redeemed once. Make sense?

  24. Well, ok, I think you guys are making a mistake then. Cutting off the folks who don’t have any need or desire to use Steam seems like an even bigger gaff waiting to happen then when you used Xbox Live to handle DLC distribution for Fallout 3.

    I for one am staunchly opposed to the logic that Steam is the “least intrusive experience for PC gamers”. The least intrusive experience is to give me a DVD to install with and leave it at that.

    Glad I didn’t decide to jump on one of these pre-order deals now because I’d be screaming for my money back.

  25. Hello. I’m exited about fallout new vegas but how much gameplay hours is there gonna be? i meen is it gonna be a quick one like Operation Anchorage or a WHOLE new Game. Please ide like to know this. and also What new items do you get when you pre-Order?

  26. first things first: terrific job on fallout 3. without a doubt the best game ive ever played, extremely addicting, love the hundreds of easter eggs, rare items, and unique characters/places (like my personel favorite: gallo/gallo’s home). i just had a quick question: i looked at the pics of all the item packs and i saw how only some of the items are exclusive for that pack. so it begs the question, will there be anyway for me to preorder from steam to get the caravan pack (my favorite) and then simply buy the activation codes/download on LIVE for the other packs or will i actually have to preorder 4 different copies of the game?

  27. Can’t wait for Fallout New Vegas. Just pre-order today from GameStop. It’s going to take some time out of my life, but I’m up for the hundred plus hours. Can’t wait to start the adventure!

  28. i pre-ordered the collectors edition of Fallout: New Vegas a my nearest gamestop and i think it was before the extra content preorder stuff came out, but, if i pre-ordred the collectors edition at gametop, will i still get the classic pack???

  29. So im still not sure i understand. if i order the collectors edition will i still recieve the digital content bonus for preordering at “specific” store?

    • @emergenceofdawn… yes, whether you purchase the regular edition or collector’s edition, you’ll receive the pre-order content when you pick up the game.

  30. Just wondering, will the code work for other saves? I normally have a Evil/good file. will I only have the pre-order items in one of them?

  31. Hey gstaff.

    It’s now the 4th August.
    No new info on pre-orders of the Collector’s edition in other territories has been released as of yet.
    I’m mostly concerned with the UK package as thats the one I’ll be buying.
    However, the only news I’ve heard recently was that the game had been rated by the BBFC. Well that’s great and all but with not being able to actually order the damn thing makes it kind of a null point.

    I dont claim to know much about the way the video games market works but some people (like me) have a video games budget and the longer this is left, the less likely it will be that I and many other people will be able to buy your Collectors edition as there are quite a few big budget titles coming out as there always is towards the end of the year and with Collector’s Editions especially, it’s a first available first pre-order basis.

    I really want to get the CE edition of this wonderful looking game, but if there’s much more of a delay I wont be able to.
    Please, if there’s any info you can give then it would be most appreciated.
    Even a ‘pre-order availability date’ would be helpful because at least that way I can work my budget around it and make it so I will definitely be able to get the CE.

    Thanks for any info in advance

  32. Will you need Xbox live in order to get the preorder stuff? I don’t have live so I will not be able to get the stuff if so.

  33. Okay I have the classic package pre-ordered for the 360 and I’m going to pre-order a PC copy of the Caravan package at Wal-Mart. Would I be able to use the Caravan Package on the 360?

  34. hi gstaff,
    my Q is: bethesda says that walmart will have the caravan pack available if you pre-order FNV and/or the FNV collector’s edition. on their website they have the FNV regular edition listed with the caravan pack bonus, but that bonus info is not listed with the collector’s edition.
    i want to pre-order the collector’s edition through walmart to get the caravan pack, but on walmart’s website it does not specifically say that the collector’s edition comes with the caravan pack.
    i understand what you wrote in the 2nd question/answer, but what if they don’t update their website with the caravan pack info? does that mean they made a mistake, or they just won’t provide the caravan pack?
    thank you for your response

  35. Hey again.

    Great to see that UK stores are now taking pre-orders for the Collectors Edition.
    One question though, I noticed that PLAY.COM is supplying the Caravan dlc package (though I cant see the CE on their page), are any other packages going to be offered in the UK (Mercenary, Raider, etc) and if so, which stores are you aware of that will be offering them?

  36. Can some one confirm this?

    If I pre order from multiple stores, ie GameStop and Walmart, would I then be able to reep the benefits, ie special weapons and armor, from both on the same account or would I be limited to 1 pre order bonus per character?


  37. if you pre-order from i.e. gamestop and then redeem ur code but you still want the other packs without pre-ordering from the other retalers, can you purchase the packs from the game marketplace?