E3 Coverage… it never ends

Here’s the latest highlights from around the web, as E3 coverage continues to make its way online — even a month after E3.

Last week Fallout: New Vegas won Gamespot’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best RPG (thanks for voting!). For your viewing pleasure, Gamespot also put up two gameplay videos last week, Wandering the Strip (above) and Shooting from the Hip.

More news, beginning with the latest on Brink, after the break…

Plenty of news for Brink as well, including interviews with Paul Wedgwood, Richard Ham, and the always entertaining Ed Stern (shown above at G4TV).

  • Fansite inBrink has answers to community questions from the game’s Creative Director, Richard Ham. Read it here.
  • AusGamers interviews Paul Wedgwood (and if you missed it, read their hands-on preview).
  • PALGN previews Brink, calling the game “refreshing.”
  • PC Zone’s Alec Meer shares his latest impressions at GamesRadar.

RAGE has captured another Game of Show nod — this time around from New Zealand’s GameFreaks. For new previews on the game, visit GamerNode, Armchair Empire, and GameReactor, who has an interview with id Software’s Matt Hooper.

WorthPlaying also previewed RAGE saying, “it’s difficult to not feel that Rage can be amazing.” Elsewhere on their site, they’ve got a preview for Hunted and a review for DOOM II on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Wrapping up our latest roundup, Planet Elder Scrolls has conducted an interview with the modding responsible for the Oblivion mega-conversion mod, Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge.

That’s all for now. If you come across coverage you think you should find it’s way on Bethesda Blog, feel free to send us an email.

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