Getting ready for QuakeCon 2010 — some BYOC news


Today we have a new update from id’s Marty Stratton — The Grandmaster of Awesome Things at QuakeCon. In this update, Marty shares some news on this year’s BYOC...

QuakeCon 2010 is just under a month away. As always, the event is free and open to the public and we’re putting together our best-ever lineup of events and activities.  From watching industry-leading guest speakers and world-class competitive gaming, to browsing the latest games or playing in the largest BYOC LAN party in North America, there is never a dull moment at QuakeCon.

For anyone getting ready to pack up that gaming rig and join in the BYOC fun, we’ve got as many seats as ever and we fully expect to be able to accommodate everyone that wants to attend; but we’re also pleased to announce that any attendee who is a registered guest at the hotel under the QuakeCon 2010 room block for the 3 nights of the event (Thursday – Saturday nights) is guaranteed a spot in the BYOC.  We don’t want anyone to worry about getting a seat in the BYOC, but we are also happy to be able to offer that extra insurance for those that may be traveling and support the event by booking a room at our host hotel.  If you’re sharing a room (up to quad occupancy), just make sure that all of the guests are registered with the hotel.

If you haven’t done so already, you can reserve a room at the at the Hilton Anatole using the group rate for “QuakeCon 2010.”

Reader Comments

  1. What if you just have a room booked for TWO of the nights, does that do anything towards getting a “for-sure” spot in the BYOC?

  2. @Dave

    As I understand it, there really should be room for everyone that wants to attend the BYOC, but if it came down to it, I’m sure the 2 nights would be considered favorably

  3. Come on Bethesda, we both know that ESV is in production. Just announce it at QuakeCon and show us some work. Nothing to it.