PC Gamer’s Ten Essential Oblivion Mods


Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of Oblivion mods that have been released since 2006, which could you not live without? PC Gamer’s Tom Senior answered that question today, narrowing down his favorites in “Ten Essential Oblivion Mods.”

We’ve made use of many mods on the list — which includes such stalwarts as Oscuro’s Overhaul and Midas’ wacky magic spells — but we’re less familiar with a couple. Head over to PC Gamer to check out the full feature.

Of course, there are plenty of other Oblivion mods worth a download, and everyone’s got an opinion on which are the best. What are your ten must-haves? Let us know in the comments.

Reader Comments

  1. It appears it is time to re-install Oblivion, since obviously 5 isn’t coming out anytime soon… New Vegas will definitely hold me over though 🙂

  2. Unlike many “Top Ten” lists, this one is right on the money… as for my favorite ten I’d need to say:

    1. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul
    2. Darnified UI
    3. Qarl’s Texture Pack III
    4. Natural Environments
    5. Unique Landscapes
    6. Deadly Reflex (completely changed the Oblivion experience for me, regret I didn’t use it sooner 🙂 )
    7. Enhanced Economy (another OBSE-life-saving mod, this guy should get the Nobel prize)
    8. Reneer’s Guard Overhaul
    9. Thievery in the Imperial City (FANTASTIC mod to say the least. Too bad Part II isn’t coming out… 🙁 )
    10. Armamentarium (we all want a little variety in the way we kill things, right?)

    I must say though that the best thing to happen to Oblivion was OBSE. Without it a lot of fantastic mods would not have been possible… Such as a few of my favorite little changes such as allowing the display of hidden weapon characteristics, Elys Universal Silent Voice, or enhanced grabbing… little things that add sooo much.

  3. Yeah!

    I’m sure I speak for the rest of the PS3 owners when I say I can’t wait to install these for my game!


  4. At this point after all these years of using mods and the effect of time and distance i have come to enjoy OBLIVION without mods just as much as i do with them. The same has happened with MORROWIND. Strangely enough FALLOUT 3 has been the most captivating rpg without mods since playing DAGGERFALL. Just the other day i found myself in vanilla OBLIVION in a situation i had never played through before when a certain ship got pirated. Talk about a fun scenario and after all these years to still find new things to encounter. I also no longer mind the road bandits level scaling with expensive armor. I just wish Bethesda would have called them something else besides bandits like corrupt imperial legionaire considering that a Daedra invasion is a pretty scary moral shattering experiance to go through.

    Top ten mods which have brought much joy are-

    The Hellish Armory by Pepsi 😀 ha ha
    The Haunted House by WillieSea
    Daggerfall Memories The Liberation of Cybiades by Deathless Aphrodite
    Your Own Grave Headquaters
    Mannimarco Resurrection: Light and Dark
    Sheogorath Plane by Infornography
    Slof’s Goth Shop by AlienSlof
    G’s Loot Mod
    Oblivion Sound Sets by brucevayne to give ones character a voice
    Jcarl’s Masks

    Aswell as all the major overhaul/creature mods and other mods already mentioned. Thanks Modders for the generous kindness that can never be measured or repaid but always respected.

  5. Not so familiar with the ones on that list? For shame! 😀

    Hmmm … my own don’t-leave-home-without-it list would include:

    Qarl’s Texture Pack III Redimized
    Natural Environments
    Alternative Start (essential for mod-testing)
    Beautiful People
    Exnem Eyecandy Body Replacer with Wardrobe
    Vilja companion by Emma
    BT Mod
    Modular Oblivion Enhanced
    one of those portable tent mods
    … and my own Sexier Sheogorath (Daggerfall Version)

    I couldn’t pick one house mod – I normally have dozens installed at any one time.

  6. Just so darn tired of Bethesda not releasing something new for the Elder Scrolls line. Its not worth getting into the game to try out any of these mods. Not sure I could get back into the Elder Scrolls game anymore and couldn’t give a flying rats butt about Fallout: New “not a part of the old Fallout” Vegas. Serious thumbs down for Bethesda.