Morrowind diorama is to die for


For one of our forum members, Eirik, Morrowind is a big deal for both himself and his family. As he explained in an email to Bethesda Blog, “It is not uncommon to find us discussing ‘What we did today in Vvardenfel’ at the dinner table every Sunday when we get together.” A fan of creating dioramas (check out his website), he’s actually created Morrowind characters by re-purposing 2-3 inch action figures.

After the break, you’ll find more Morrowind pieces  — including mod-inspired characters.


A 1:24 scale Daedric Shrine (in progress)


Ashpits for the shrines, tombs, and temples he plans to build.


Shareel, one of Eirik’s favorite companions from Morrowind Comes Alive.


A cave entrance.


Laurenna from the White Wolf Lokken Mod, wearing a dress from the Aleanne’s Clothing mod.

Great work, Eirik!

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve loved your Morrowind figures since the first time you showed them to me. Absolutely wonderful work, and I’m so proud that you have picked some of the characters from White Wolf of Lokken to include in your collection.


  2. Wow, thank you all so very much!

    Ms. Stomper, I can’t wait to show you the 4″ custom of Gatanas. She even has her characteristic Daedric glowing tattoos that really glow in both black and blue light, as well as her eyes.

    Emma, so very good to hear from you! I decided that when Laurenna’s full cottage is finished, that I have a “shoebox” style diorama of the front of her hunting lodge that I have as a gift of thanks to you. The very least I could do for providing so much inspiration to both these works and the fanfic novel.

    Again, thanks to you all, and when the Daedric Shrine is complete, I hope it will please.



  3. Freaking glorious! Reminds me of the feeling i get every time i look over at the metal miniture on my shelf that came with the collectors edition of MORROWIND. Here’s hoping Eirik’s wonderful work inspires something similar for TES V.

    Wowzers the WHITE WOLF OF LOKKEN looking sexy wonderful!

    Thanks for the visual stimuli.