Chris Avellone discusses “All Roads” at IGN


Tonight on IGN, there’s an interview with New Vegas Creative Director, Chris Avellone, discussing “All Roads” — the graphic novel he wrote that comes packaged with the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

“Finally, we asked Avellone if gamers who read the comic can expect its characters to appear and its events to be referenced. He said, “If you read the graphic novel, you’ll see the results of many of the events, locations, and fates of the characters in the comic in primary and secondary locations in the game – as well as characters you’ll encounter in these locations.”

In addition to the interview, IGN also have your first look at the full cover for “All Roads“. Don’t forget, if you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll have a chance to get an “All Roads” lithograph — signed by Avellone and cover artist Geof Darrow.

Reader Comments

  1. The book cover to ALL ROADS is eye catching with a strong surreal mythological tone about it. Reminds me a bit of the huge cluttered gathering of statues and mausoleums made of bones depicting the city of the dead in places like China that are tourist attractions. Of course New Vegas is very much alive compared to these historical places where the dead speak from the past.

    Its gonna be great hunting for clues and sights from ALL ROADS in the game world of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS.

    Thanks for the interesting to the point read 😀

  2. wow, that cover looks beautiful! i’ve really enjoyed Geoff Darrow’s work, especially on the Matrix productions. a desktop- or print-resolution one would be awfully cool…

    the amusing thing about that shot, though, is that you’ll never see that many people on the street in this game. it’s tempting to say that the engine just won’t handle that many people – but it can. it’s consoles that can’t handle it. i’m saddened when games get watered down to play nice on console hardware while the PC capabilities suffer.