Learn about the Brotherhood of Steel in New Vegas on GameTrailers TV

On this week’s GameTrailers TV on SPIKE, you’ll have a chance to get a new look at Fallout: New Vegas — including how the Brotherhood of Steel play into the equation.

The show airs at 12:30 AM EST Friday night (check your local listings for more details) after MANswers.  So actually, you’ll be watching the show Saturday morning at 12:30 AM.

Reader Comments

  1. i think theyll be pricks as well they werent the nicest group in the first two the only reason the ones in DC were nice cause Elder Lyon grew a heart

  2. I think that they might be nice because the outcasts In fallout 3 were original brotherhood of steel members. They said that the original brotherhood of steel in California were better then the ones in Washington DC

  3. Sure, but their definition of “better” is that they don’t give a damn about anyone or anything except preserving technology.

  4. I think that if they see Vault Boy/Girl using a hi-tech weapon, like plasma rifle o laser they’ll gonna try placing a bullet in the middle of your eyes, so they can have your gun
    That’s the real BoS. Remember what happened i The Pitt!!!

  5. personally i like the BoS (especially there armor, which is aweseome :D) i mean they are trying to rebuild society in the only way they can. only problem is that they dont accept recruits even when they really need them. like in fallout 3 you litterally had to find the geck and destroy a enclave base. thats not something normal people can do single handedly if im correct. when i heard they werent going to be a big part of fallout NV i was dissapointed, glad they are going to be in it some way or another.

  6. If it gives me power armor, firepower, and the best and furthest reaching army in the post u.s., sign me up. Ill nuke 5 megatons, kill 12 paradise falls, and every last inhabitant in new vegas. Just give me a bos membership

  7. if i remember right. in the end movie of fallout 2 thy actualy say that BoS starts a war with NCR to control the tec. Also in the starting movie of fallout 1 there are 2 BoSes executing some unarmed guy. BoS have never realy been nice guys. and as enclave probebly is out of the picture we need some military organisation to fight..