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Welcome back to another roundup. This week we start with the latest coverage on Hunted: The Demon’s Forge to share. PC Games Hardware has an interview with inXile President, Matt Findlay. Here’s an excerpt from PC-oriented interview…

PCGH: Assuming that you develop a special PC built of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge what features can only be realized with the PC as technical platform? Are there technical/visual differences between the PC and the console version of the game?

Matt Findlay: Although Hunted looks great on the console, there is a general upgrade of texture resolutions and shading that can occur on the PC because of the ability to scale performance based on hardware. We plan on taking every advantage of that.

For more details on Hunted, check out the following sites:

More news after the break…

While we can expect to hear more on Fallout: New Vegas at San Diego Comic-Con this week, a few hours north, SF Gate places the game as one of “9 video games worth looking forward to.”

In RAGE news, freelancer Scott Steinberg heralds the game in his Best of E3 2010 list at Stripes Gamer. For more on RAGE, visit Loot-Ninja’s site while at your computer, or d if you’re catching up on the latest gaming magazines, you’ll find previews in the Summer Issue of EGM, as well as August issue of Game Informer (which also features a new look at Fallout: New Vegas).

Before say goodbye (until the next update), here’s a few more items to check out…

  • Cheat Code Central has their E3 preview up for Brink.
  •’s Craig Lager has a look back at Morrowind. You’ll learn about his experience playing the game from Day 1, and how it remains one of his all-time favorites.
  • The August issue of Wired has a small feature (“Ode to the BFG”) on some of the craziest weapons featured in games. The feature includes Fallout 3’s Experimental MIRV, and has an awesome screenshot taken by Nick.

That’s all for now… as more news surfaces, we’ll let you know!

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