Weekend update: New Vegas Edition

Last night’s broadcast of GameTrailers TV is now online – watch above to learn more about Fallout: New Vegas from the game’s Project Director, Josh Sawyer. Use the slider above to search for the segment (it follows info on the latest God of War game), or watch it in HD at GameTrailers.com (just skip ahead to Chapter 3).

For a different take on New Vegas, watch last night’s story from Channel 8 News NOW (KLAS). The piece discusses the game in broad strokes (and features Josh Sawyer), while also asking if the real Las Vegas is prepared for similar circumstances.

Finally, at Comic-Con yesterday, Obsidian’s Chris Avellone, John Gonzalez, and George Ziets participated in the panel,”Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises.” Read a panel recaps at Gamespot, G4TV, and Kotaku.

Reader Comments

  1. That power armor looks similar to the T-51b armor… it seems it would likely be newer than the power armor by their brothers out east. Keep the videos coming!

  2. @Erik W : Most likely those ARE T-51b power armors. After all, the Brotherhood always used that model, except for the ones who are stationed in DC.

  3. i think all the BoS footage was from Fallout 3 and Broken Steel. i don’t think there are any official promo materials that show the Brotherhood.