A chance to win a Bethesda track jacket (Updated)


At this year’s E3, we handed out Bethesda track jackets as a giveaway at our booth. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and feature logos from Fallout, Hunted, RAGE, and Brink.

They’re also pretty hard to find… but over the weekend, GamesRadar announced they’re giving away two of the jackets. For a chance to win, you best enter today (the contest ends tomorrow). For more details, read the contest rules here.

Update: Sorry for the confusion. It appears many of you think you need to comment on this blog… please follow the rules at GamesRadar.

Reader Comments

  1. awesome, i just got the game, and the tactics book, crazy fun, i would love to rock out in one of those jackets, are they gonna be availible in canada for resale?


  2. I will accept the jacket…on one condition…LOLet “Gstaff” signed it on sleeve or better inside jacket…That move would put that jacket on central wall in my crib (sleep with it ONLY) hahaha

  3. I really want this jacket in order to buy me a representation of my passion with this game, and I promise I won’t sell it for some caps =) ! Love Bethesda

  4. PLEASEEEEEE!!! i NEED this jacket! i would LOVE to win it! Fallout is the best game series of all time!!!!!

  5. I want to win the jacket!!!
    Fairly new to Fallout 3 but it’s easily the best all around game I’ve ever played. I beat the game, down loaded all of the expansion sets, and I still play the game. I want to show the jacket off and tell everyone I see about how great the game is!

  6. I love Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls, just about anything you guys put out. <3 I'd love this very much as a jacket.