A chance to win a Bethesda track jacket (Updated)


At this year’s E3, we handed out Bethesda track jackets as a giveaway at our booth. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and feature logos from Fallout, Hunted, RAGE, and Brink.

They’re also pretty hard to find… but over the weekend, GamesRadar announced they’re giving away two of the jackets. For a chance to win, you best enter today (the contest ends tomorrow). For more details, read the contest rules here.

Update: Sorry for the confusion. It appears many of you think you need to comment on this blog… please follow the rules at GamesRadar.

Reader Comments

  1. I’ll enter to win because I love your games. It just sucks that they only let press into the E3 booth. I went to E3 only wanting to see a few games, Fallout: New Vegas being one of them, and wasn’t allowed in because I’m a developer, not press. In the future, maybe you could have something there for the fans as well.

  2. Today is my birthday, i’ve been unemployed since 2008 because i was made redundant i haven’t had any good luck in 2 years I would love to win this jacket this jacket.

  3. hm US only again. Not really a surprise, but why is it only US media that can get their hands on things from Bethesda? Ok i’ve seen a single contest in australia and i think i rember a single one in Germany too, but thats it the rest is US specific.

    Sorry for the bad karma, but it’s rather irritating.

    • Unfortunately, the site that decided to give away their own jacket set up these rules….sorry. We do try to keep Bethblog contests open worldwide whenever possible.

  4. i need that jacket just for braging rights and i agree we need fallout clothes line and nuka cola drinks bethesda should team up with coke to make the drink

  5. All i have to say is WOW! I am absolutly in love with Fallout. I had over 175 hours with a couple of days of playing. Very addicting. 🙂
    The sweater is amazing! if i dont win it where can i buy one??? i would love to own one. 🙂

  6. Been a fan of this series since the very beginning since the demo of FO1 w0ot! Would be awesome to rock this!