GamesCom 2010 lineup announced


Heading down to Cologne for GamesCom 2010? You should really come by the Bethesda booth. There you will find award-winning games, world-class people, and possibly an unassuming child from which you can wrest a demo controller. Not that we condone such behavior. I’m just saying, he’s totally hogging the station.

Dates for the public run from August 19 through August 22, where attendees will have a chance to check out fully playable demos of Brink, Hunted and Fallout: New Vegas. Special live presentations of RAGE will also be shown every hour of the day.

The Big Beth Booth will reside in Hall 6.1, aisle B #40. Write it down. Find us. Sample our softworks. And wait your turn in line; that kid deserves his demo.

Reader Comments

  1. Personally I think “unassuming children” would benefit from playing Fallout: New Vegas…. I was raised on violent video games and look at me, I only snapped ONCE! 😉

  2. Count me in, i’m probably gonna be there and Beth. Booth has Top priority for me, even if it means to wait 3 hours to get a hand on F:NV and Brink.