In Pictures: New Vegas at Comic-Con (Updated)


Up there on the left is Fallout: New Vegas creative director Chris Avellone, signing lithographs next to “All Roads” cover artist Geof Darrow at this year’s Comic-Con. Judging by the rest of these pictures, it was a somewhat busy day. For more on All Roads, head to IGN.

Avellone also joined fellow New Vegas designers John Gonzalez and George Ziets for the panel “Fallout: Writing for Evolving Game Franchises.” Oaths were taken; bounties were marked. Read recaps of the panel at Gamespot, G4TV, and Kotaku.

Update: It was pointed out you can find a few additional pics of Chris and Geof signing posters at Dark Horse’s website.

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  1. pictures of poster signing …. ripped off, get some digital version. cheap ass … *grumble curse* useless comicon updates. more information from the SW:TOR panel.