We’ve got something “In the ‘Works” for tonight (Updated)


Over the years, we’ve sporadically put out a company newsletter recapping some of the latest news on our games — stuff that you could read here on the blog… just days/weeks later. Moving forward, we’re taking a new approach to the newsletter — providing new and exciting information on our games, events, etc. We call it In The ‘Works (get it??).

Beginning tonight, the new community newsletter is planned to release on the last Thursday of every month. And each month, you can expect something new. To kick things off, we’re focusing on QuakeCon 2010, which is only two weeks away. Subscribers can expect to learn some exciting news about the event.* And whether you’re a current subscriber or a new subscriber, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of five RAGE t-shirts.

We hope you enjoy this new format!

*If you’re expecting a game announcement, sorry. That’s not In The ‘Works.

UPDATE: To view the archived version of this month’s newsletter, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Haha @ no game announcement,

    Unfortunately that was the first thing I hoped for when I saw the blog post title.

    Props for thinking ahead!

  2. i was hoping for the new elder scrolls too, id feel better if i was told that an idea was at least there for ES5. but other wise you possible create the greats games ever!!!!

  3. Wow, reading the title of the article nearly made my heart skip a beat, until I saw the last sentence. So disappointed.

  4. …”recapping some of the latest news on our games”

    I would LOVE to hear some of the latest news on your games! But I’ll bet my left arm it’s full of information about other people’s games that you just happen to be publishing.

    How long until we can see an Elder Scrolls banner at the top of the Beth Blog? Will that info be in the redesigned newsletter at least?

  5. “If you’re expecting a game announcement, sorry. That’s not In The ‘Works.”


  6. Congratulations on the new format and for keeping us in the know. It will be a great source of all things Elder Scrolls when the time joyously arrives. Til then i’ve got STARCRAFT II and creepy shooters like SINGULARITY to keep me in the happy flow.

  7. I hope they put out a beta/demo for Brink, as well as taking feedback during/after said beta/demo. This way we can get our hands on the game, and work out some bugs/glitches before it’s released. Hopefully, it’ll be an open one, not closed. They should also make it co-op/multiplayer to test that out too.

  8. RE: “*If you’re expecting a game announcement, sorry. That’s not In The ‘Works.”

    That’s a let down.
    Considering that the average production cycle for any triple A title is 2 years, and given that The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion was released March 23rd, 2006, is it still possible that the team here at Bethesda are *working* on the series? When gamers are exposed to gamer’s utopia they anticipate that the developer will continue to whet their insatiable desire to want more.

    Yet Bethesda Softworks has a double life as a publisher of other studios’ *works*, and they have proudly done so throughout the years since that release offering a taste of a different kind. Then we learned that the hugely successful Fallout series had fallen into the hands of Bethesda from publisher Interplay ( a concept of Black Isle Studios?) and Bethesda fans are temporarily relieved of Elderscrolls deprivation by the Shooter-RPG hybrid.

    Tamrielic epitomy is what Bethesda fans are hankering after and it has been four years. How much longer can these avid fans be oppressed by a collection of copy that style -Wet’s supposed game mechanic being an exception with it’s combat uniqueness- makeshifts?

    So if the Elderscrolls series is Bethesda’s signature *work* why must gamers/developers suffer an abstemious four years and counting only being tantalized by others’ *work*.
    That is my impression of the *work* that may or may not be in development at the moment…

    Thank you for letting me rant.
    Hi to Todd, Pete, Emil, Ash and the rest of the team that I don’t have time to mention.

  9. We want Elder Scrolls V you idiots! We don’t care about the crappy games you’re publishing. You’ve had some bad luck with publishing… Remember Rogue Warrior??? Anyway, if you don’t announce something Elder Scrolls related at QuakeCon a whole lot of people are gonna be quite unhappy with you…

  10. I was so happy when I read the headlines, and so disappointed when I read the new sentence. When will TES V be announced? 🙁

  11. Lol, that last sentence stopped my heart or a few seconds, oh well. Oh and @the dude above me, yes rouge warrior kinda sucked, but Brink, and Rage are definitely going to kick ass, and Hunted too

  12. Haha – Bethesda, my heart stopped for a second as I my mind raced and heart prayed that when this page loaded id have conformation that ElderScrolls V (which will happen I don’t care how long, so long, as its good) won’t be MMOrpg such that ill still be able to mod and love it.

  13. Reading these comments has made me lol. Beth is kinda like Valve with announcements, they say they aren’t gonna announce something and then they do it. Surprise.

  14. [Leon0078 wrote on July 30th, 2010

    I swear to God they will announce Elder Scrolls on 20/12/2012… And then we will all die. ]

    Thats why the last Elder Scrolls was called..OBLIVION.

  15. I doubt they will ever leave the TES franchise as it pribably is their most profitable. However, I don’t think it’s likely that they will announce TES5 anytime soon as they have several games “in the works” and don’t want to take the focus away from those with an AMAZING nuke of a game.

    Give them time and they will reward us greatly as they always have:)

  16. Kinda glad you’ve decided to make the news letter a routine thing. I was starting to think my email got cleared from your list because the time between newsletters gets so very long.

    And every time I read them it’s just news on the game’s you’re publishing. WINK. WINK.

  17. Please let the new Elder Scrolls MMO be more like Daggerfall/Morrowind than WoW/Oblivion.

    Its time to give us credit for being able to handle complexity/ambiguity again.

  18. No TESV? oh yeah…so Beth, you cant even say: YEAH we are doing the thing, so calm down, you mouthfull fans.
    You seem to forget that TES is what made what are you nowadays.
    Im not writing to complain, but i want to say with this is that if youre working on it, you could at least tell the world that youre really doing it or not, so the masses would calm down and the flames on the forums would fade away.
    And i mean IF there is REALLY a TES game in the works or not, and not some speculation or playing with the : “yeah were doing it” and months later: “there is no TES in progress”.