Get a collection of New Vegas coasters with a pre-order at Kmart


Today Kmart announced their pre-order plan for Fallout: New Vegas. With a $5 pre-order payment towards your copy of Fallout: New Vegas, you’ll receive four Fallout: New Vegas coasters. On one side of the coaster, you’ll see an image of Vault Boy, while the flip side features locations from the New Vegas strip.

In addition to the coasters, Kmart will also offer a $15 Video Game Savings coupon that will be redeemable the week Fallout: New Vegas releases. Offer begins Sunday, August 8th. Quantities will be limited and while supplies last. Additionally, this is an in store only offer — a there’s a limit of one coaster pack per customer.

Reader Comments

  1. Yeah, K-mart. They been stepping up the video game department for a few months now, thanks to the SHC crew 😀

    But I was planning to get this from Amazon, no coasters for me 🙁

  2. Can you give us any hope at all that the UK will get this? Or you could just put us out of our misery an tell us that they’re exclusive to the US.

  3. I just went through a bit of an ordeal at a Kmart near me (Lee road in Orlando). The woman working in electronics had no idea about the game or pre order. She asked a manager to respond, so another woman showed up asking about the details. And without even looking at anything she said that no Kmarts anywhere knew about the promotion. She said the store manager was trying to look it up in their system and she just left.

    Then another manager (HA manager Nylsa) came and asked about it. She was the only helpful one. We looked up the special on this page and she confirmed that they had not received any packages or notifications related to the game. She took my name and number and said she’d call me back to let me know what happened once it was sorted out. She was very nice and patient and helpful. She even called another Kmart and got hold of their manager right away who also had nothing in their store about the pre order.

    What a debacle, seems like there’s a major communications problem inside of Kmarts. I really want to get the game there because the coasters are more important than in-game benefits (that others are offering). Too bad by the time this is sorted out they may be sold out 🙁

    Come on Bethesda, do us a solid one and sort this out. It seems like the only person at Kmart that knows about this offer is their staff blogger 🙁

  4. Yo, same situation here in Minneapolis, MN erikeric the three stores I went to were totally clueless and really offered nothing in the way of any kind of help. Really frustrating since I drove up here all the way from Dallas, TX just to get these things.

    Nah, just kidding, came up here on a family vacation and the timing was fortuitous, but I’m still disappointed that they didn’t have any of these.