id introduces two QUAKE LIVE subscription packages


After being down for a day, QUAKE LIVE players missing their online fragging fix can return to action later today — as the game has officially exited beta! In addition to the ‘Standard’ free-to-play version, in a press release today, we’ve announced ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ subscriptions — adding new maps, game modes, and plenty more. Details below…

The Premium Subscription, which can be purchased for $1.99 per month, billed annually, includes:

  • Access to 20 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps at launch with more to come.  Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favorites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Theater of Pain, Japanese Castles, and Realm of Steel Rats;
  • An all new ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode;
  • Exclusive premium level awards;
  • Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans;
  • Custom QUAKE LIVE profile wallpaper; and
  • Match statistics stored for six months.

The Pro Subscription, which can be purchased for $3.99 per month, billed annually, includes all of the premium subscription features as well as:

  • The ability to start your own game server, specify a server location, determine the game mode and invite who you want to join you;
  • With the Pro Subscription, you can invite three friends with Standard level memberships to play with you in any Premium level map;
  • Exclusive pro awards;
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans; and
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months.

The QUAKE LIVE ‘Standard’ version is still free to play and includes friend lists, access to one clan, matchmaking, and stats tracking delivered through a web browser with over 40 arenas and five game modes.

To create a QUAKE LIVE account and for more information please visit:

UPDATE: QUAKE LIVE is back up and running. The team will continue to monitor the situation… now get back to the action!

Reader Comments

  1. Would love to signup and pay for a premium account – love the old maps from the osp days!

    However, I’ve been trying to signup for a good 30 minutes and keep getting service comms errors, http 500 errors and the old and very unhelpful – “theer was a problem with your signup, please try again later”.

    I’ve had a look at the quakelive forums and it’s full of people complaining about very similar things. The only worrying thing is that none of the quakelive staff have responded, even though the forum is full of lots of frustrated people.

    I’m honestly willing to pay, but if you’re paying for something like this, you’d at least expect some prompt updates from quakelive on the forum saying what’s going on.

  2. Finally managed to register.

    Have a quick look on the forum and still no updates from the quakelive staff to say what happened.

    It’s fine not provind gupdates if everything is free, but when people start to pay you need to set a kind of service level, as people are paying at the end of the day.

    It doesn’t boad well for me that nothing has been posted yet and the forum is still full of people complaining.

    Think I’ll leave the premium account for a while to see how things go, but it honestly doesn’t look good initially 🙁

  3. Service communication error

    The page you tried to access requires you to be logged in.

    …another prob, login doesn’t work 🙁 i wonder where all that money goes to 😛

  4. Literally no reason to force the annual payment.

    If it’s because of the transaction fee and the so called monthly cost being so low, then raise it 50 cents or whatever to cover those costs if paying monthly. $2.50 would be a lot easier to swallow than $25 for checking the new stuff out.

    I’ve been in since closed beta and payment comes as no surprise, but I can almost guarantee that basically everyone expected a sane monthly fee. Trying to market a year payment as monthly is like trying to say that I only paid $50 a month for my television… if you think about it, that’s just a little over a $1.50 a day!

    DUMB. Paying for servers and other goodies, ok, but renting content is kinda dopey… but… at $2, I couldn’t complain, I’d go try it right away, regardless. At $25 hidden behind a tiny “billed annually” text, you won’t be getting my support.

  5. Well that sounds like an ok deal but as an owner of Q3A i can still play that free, mods & all.
    If your gonna charge for QL you should at least put the full gibs back into the game.
    Theres no feeling like railing someone out of the air & getting rained on by gibs8)
    I liked QL fairly well but i always noticed that missing.

    At $24. a year thats a good price but to have to pay it all up front will make alot of people reluctant to go for a subscription. $13 for 6 months or 3 for 1 month may be good options to consider.

    To those who keep asking YES YOU CAN STILL PLAY QL FOR FREE!!
    It clearly states “The QUAKE LIVE ‘Standard’ version is still free to play and includes friend lists, access to one clan, matchmaking, and stats tracking delivered through a web browser with over 40 arenas and five game modes.”

    One more thing if Bethesda dosen’t use quake tech for the next ES game, they are nuts8)
    You have total access to one of the best (if not the best) graphics engines ever Go with it!!

    Best Wishes to All at id & Bethesda.)

  6. I dont understand why they expect anyone familiar with Quake 3 to pay for a subscription. If a person has played Q3 before, they already bought the game (about $50 or so). They already know anyone can host a multiplayer server and have probably played on one for years. In-game advertising should pay for bandwidth costs easily. This is stupid.

  7. Wait. So, now we have to pay for all the same stuff we’ve had for YEARS? Running our own servers? Creating Clans? New Maps? New game play?

    Wtf people. Why are you cheering id on in this? The community built all this stuff back when we were playing NetQuake on Win 3.11!! Remember when the community made CTF? Chase the Chicken? KillBall? World Rankings? We don’t need id to charge us any amount of money to extend the game, and they will never do it as well or as fast as the community did. They were tops when they opened up the game api for us to play with. They were awesome for getting us good, stable Linux server ports.

    What they are doing now is just a money grab, a try to cash in on the MMORPG mentality, a reoccurring revenue instead of just selling us a $50 game and letting us do what we want with it.