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Been a couple weeks since our last ‘Around the Web’ roundup… so there’s plenty to share.

RAGE is in the news in several places.. From our UK office, I received word that Gamesmaster (UK) named it their 2010 E3 Game of Show. And today, Gamasutra’s Chris Remo has interview with design director Matt Hooper. Here’s a sample of the interview… discussing the game’s animation.

Speaking of traditional art, I was actually surprised when I saw the game how much really expressive hand-keyed animation there was, as opposed to the more sterile mo-cap kind of stuff. That’s unusual for id as well.

MH: The credit goes to our group of animators, a really talented group. As we were iterating through and trying different things, we kept pushing diversity. We want each of the characters to look unique. The different characters look so wild and out there that it almost demands that over-the-top animation treatment. We really pick and choose the opportunities. Some are a little more — I don’t want to say cartoony, but they’re a little more expressive.

For more on RAGE, check out links at the following sites…

  • GamesRadar updates their coverage for the game — courtesy of Will Porter.
  • GamePro’s September issue features an exclusive screenshot breakdown in their monthly “SnapShot” feature.
  •‘s Bryan Edge-Salois goes in-depth sharing impressions of the E3 Presentation given by Tim Willits and Matt Hooper.
  • PS3 Insider (and sister site Xboxist) reports on their first impressions seeing the game.
  • DealSPWN posts their E3 preview of the game.
  • GameReactor has a video interview with id Sofware’s Matt Hooper.

In addition to discussing RAGE, GameReactor also talks Brink with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood, while inXile Entertainment’s Maxx Kaufman covered interview duties for Hunted.

More after the break…

Game Vortex has completed the Bethesda E3 Gauntlet — with new preview up for Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted, and RAGE. Here’s a snippet from the Brink preview…

“If I came away from E3 2010 having only played Brink, I would have considered it a successful show. I absolutely fell in love with the game after last year’s hands-off showing, and waited all year for the chance to actually play the game. It did not disappoint.”

In other Brink news, Splash Damage’s official site reports that Lead Designer Neil Alphonso will be appearing at GDC Europe for a panel titled “The Tao of Level Design: A Study of 3 AAA games.” For more on the panel, head to the GDC Europe website.

For more interviews on our upcoming titles, check out Co-Optimus’ interview with Hunted Creative Director Maxx Kaufman. Meanwhile, Chris Remo interviews Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart, to discuss Fallout: New Vegas. Here’s a quick look…

In my demonstration of Fallout: New Vegas, it looks like you took a lot more influence from 1950s sci-fi, which I associate with the older Fallout games. The gecko lizard monster and Rusty the Robot looks very vintage, more so than Fallout 3, I would say. Were you really trying to home in on that?

FU: Exactly. Whenever I used to sell Fallout in the years of bygone, the idea was that it had sustained the 1950s for a hundred years. That’s how we always looked at it. What Bethesda did is still the ’50s; it’s still that vibe, but I think actually where you see the difference is that we’re doing it with Las Vegas. Vegas is supposed to be more… I don’t want to say “campy”, but it’s supposed to be more “surface”. You’ve just got to keep pushing it.

Wrapping up New Vegas coverage, the image at the top of this post was sent over from our UK office — it’s the July cover of Benelux magazine GAMEZ.

Moving along to some fun stuff, yesterday ran an Outside the Lines feature on the history of Madden football games. Cool to see Bethesda Softworks get a mention in the article! Also entertaining, I found this feature, 10 Western Video Games that Would Make Great Anime Films — a list that features both Oblivion ($5) and Fallout 3 (#3).

Visiting Kotaku, I came across a couple humorous Fallout 3-related images. Below is XezbadfishXx’s entry to the site’s “Big Head Mode” Photoshop contest


… and earlier in the week, Pete sent linked me to this VATS parody, courtesy of Love PWND’s Flickr stream.


That’s all the news for this week.  If you see cool stuff on the web, hit us up and you might see it here on Bethesda Blog.

Updated: Our friends at Planet Fallout have a new contest up… head here to have a chance win an IGN Founder’s Club subscription.

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