What we’re playing: “Craft” games


It’s no surprise that our offices continue to obsess over StarCraft 2 (and still play World of Warcraft), but this week it’s Minecraft — a game that’s self described as being “about placing blocks while running from skeletons” — that’s getting highlighted. The latest version of the game is currently in Alpha and can be downloaded here. You can also play Minecraft Classic for free.

Speaking of free, as we all prep for QuakeCon 2010, many of us our spending time playing QUAKE LIVE.

Here’s the full list of games we’re checking out. Now… what are YOU playing?

Peter Sokal: StarCraft 2, Darksiders, QUAKE LIVE, and potentially some Ikaruga.

Brent Krische: I’ve been playing QUAKE on the Sega Saturn, a bit of Bit.Trip RUNNER on the Wii, and checking out various demos on my Xbox 360. Jurassic: The Hunted seems pretty cool.

Jon DeVriendt: StarCraft II and QUAKE LIVE.

Orin Tresnjak: StarCraft 2. Addictive game, that.

Jeff Browne: Minecraft and Red Dead Redemption.

Alistair Hatch: Having recently completed a few games (Limbo, Red Dead, Singularity), I’m uncertain whether to try and finish Split/Second, or persevere with Crackdown 2, or start something new. Any suggestions?

Matt Ponton: Blazblue: Continuum Shift and maybe some Super Street Fighter IV.

Nick Bonnet: Replaying Zelda: Twilight Princess (much better this time since I’m not rushing through it), Contra: Rebirth, and Swords and Soldiers

Pete Hines: Soccer, in the Neptune Beach tournament in Va. Beach this weekend.

Devin Winters: Red Dead Redemption Multi Player, looking for a posse as well.

Scott Saggio: NCAA Football11, Canabalt, Limbo, and Dead Rising.

Michael Aubuchon: StarCraft 2 and LEGO Harry Potter.

Jeff Senita: StarCraft 2.

Dennis Mejillones: StarCraft 2… nuff said.

Mike Onufrak (QA): Left 4 Dead 2, WET, Fallout: New Vegas, Eden, and TF2.

Matt Grandstaff: Red Dead Redemption, Fallout: New Vegas, and NCAA Football 11 (office league).

Dane Olds: StarCraft 2, Metro 2033, Limbo, and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.

Gary Noonan: StarCraft II (imagine that).

Michael Musick: Singularity, and some QUAKE LIVE in anticipation of QuakeCon!

Tracey Thompson: I’m playing the QuakeCon Organizational game.

Sam Bernstein: Limbo (going for the 5 lives in one sitting achievement), Cestos (really fun Android game), and Fallout: New Vegas.

Max Cameron: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Crackdown 2, and Monday Night Combat when it releases next week.

Greg Baverstock: Flick Football (iPod), Crackdown 2 (XB360), Football Manager 2010, and Just Cause 2 (XB360).

Rob Clark: Limbo, StarCraft 2, and maybe some Alien Swarm.

Ryan Salvatore: Final Fantasy Tactics A-2, World of Warcraft, and Carcassonne on iPhone.

Nick Heller: Going back to Uncharted 2 and completing Red Dead Redemption (I hope!).

Henry Mobley: StarCraft 2 and Dominion HD.

Michael Lattanzia: Lord of the Rings Online, Monster Hunter Tri, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and more Malifaux painting (and hopefully some Malifaux playing soon too).

Matt Killmon: Back into FFXIII, Alan Wake DLC 1: The Signal, StarCraft II (campaign, I’m awful at multiplayer).

Daryl Brigner: Skate 3, WoW, and Minecraft.

Colin Doyle: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4!

Terry Dunn, Jr.: Minecraft.

William Shen: StarCraft 2.

Reader Comments

  1. [Gary Noonan: StarCraft II (imagine that). ]

    I’ll try not too especially if you drive your harvesters the way you drive your real life cars 😀 Just kidding oh mighty Wormgod ELITE!

    Finished the stunning Starcraft II campaign last week and taking a break from it due to the awesome burn out effect of being drawn in all the way to completion of a action packed story and quest line.

    At the moment am playing Fallout 3 and just finished the Point Lookout DLC aswell as the Dunwich quest in the wasteland. Now a certain Point Lookout character can rest in peace for the evil has been cast out..for a time.

    Things could be picking up in real life with possible Jury Duty and going back to school to get some hands on training with computer graphics which should be fun and interesting.

    Also playing some Oblivion while resisting the temptation to add in horror movie soundtracks because of how wonderful the Jeremy Soule game soundtrack flows in a natural never overpowering way. Amazing what one hears with the original music in all of Bethesda’s games compared to using outside music which boosts mood but blocks out so many game sounds. Talk about harmony.

  2. After that Quake Live announcement I decided to download FEAR: Combat again

    So it’s been a few days of getting the living hell kicked out of me and rage-quits. Thanks guys. 🙂

  3. Good list of games, very unfair you guys can list NEW VEGAS amongst them but I guess thats the rub of being where you are. Playing through Assassin’s Creed 2(Xbox), Starcraft II when I get home next saturday and some Final Fantasy IX (PSP). Keep up the good work you rag tag crew of misfit imagineers.

  4. I’m on a huge Morrowind kick right now. I would actually like to play my other games but I want to play Morrowind so much more.

  5. I like minecraft myself too it is a quite fascinating game, especcially the Survival mutliplayer is really worth buying the game.
    It is really cool that like a good game developer company like bethesda it interested in the game.
    Regards: Monfols.

  6. Notice how in Minecraft the land is sprawling and huge with many caverns and caves that are fun to explore? AND it’s generated by a computer without a human needing to tweak the output afterward? Yet Oblivion and Fallout 3’s land was small samey and very low on cool places to explore, even though the whole game was hand crafted?

    Take a hint Bethesda, the bigger the land the better. Minecraft gave me the same feelings I had when I played Morrowind for the first time, something I did not feel when I played Oblivion or Fallout 3.

  7. Minecraft. I was splitting my time between WoW, Eve, and Spirit Tracks… but Minecraft has eaten all my game time in the past week.

  8. GOD I’ve been playing the crap out of Minecraft. And a few other games too (MW2, Rappelz, D2:LoD, Fallout 3, Fallout 2…the list goes on.) In short, these last few weeks have been nothing but gaming. Glad to hear the Speed Gamers are at it again with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Prince of Persia. Hope they make their goal.

    Btw…anyone who likes Minecraft and hasn’t bought it yet, do it NOW. The price doubles once hes done with Survival Multiplayer, and its already €9.99.

  9. hey guys, really psyched about your new game coming out (brink), been following it since a few days after it was anounced and I noticed some of you play Halo: Reach, so if your interesed I made a custom game mode based on brink, so please contact me if your interested, gamertag: seawolf15, I know your all probably really busy, but I have the upmost confidence you’ll like it, I’ve spent hours refining it and almost all my friends love the final version, again please contact if interested