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  1. I managed to catch a few streams live but so far there are no archived videos of any events. This is sooo disappointing 🙁

    Do something guys!

  2. Very discouraging indeed! took them 7 years to make this game!
    I was hoping March or April 2011.
    According to this, I guess Doom 4 might be released 2014 or after!

  3. @Mr. Tissue Box: Same here, I’d figured Q1 2011 or Q2 at the latest. Too bad, because it looks great!

    I think it’s strange though… how do they come up with such a specific date? It’s probably subject to change, but Sept 13th 2011 versus Sept 2011 sounds a little silly.

  4. IMO, they should use the engine they’re using for Rage for future Fallouts. imagine running through the wastes at all those FPS with no buggy/skippy-ness…

    regardless, this pisses me off. i dont want to wait that long ='( this game looks too awesome.

  5. Dam so far away… ….

    … If this use this engine for ESV..


    This stuff looks great

    Oh and if you guys post a picture just saying ” E S V ” The fans will go nuts. Don’t need a release date just a confirm that you guys are making it…

  6. Maybe the consoles are causing this.
    I get a feeling that it might be released b4 that like June 2011 which is perfect after the school year has ended.
    Anyway it must be a hell of a game.