Fallout: New Vegas pre-order details for Europe, France, Australia and South Africa (Updated)


You’ve been asking, and now we’re answering: the Fallout: New Vegas pre-order details for much of Europe, Australia and South Africa are in, and we have the comprehensive breakdown.

Before we get to where you can grab each bonus pack, it’s important to note that the Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order in all of the below territories. In addition, the Collector’s Edition will come packed with the same applicable digital bonus that each retailer is offering for the standard edition of the game.

Without further ado, the retailers carrying each pack are listed below:

In the UK, the Collector’s Edition will be available at GAME and Gamestation.

You will be able to pre-order the game and receive a special digital bonus pack from the following retailers:

In South Africa, the Collector’s Edition will be available at BT Games, C.N.A., AWX, Defcon 5, Swap 2 Play, Take 2, Zaps, and Kalahari.

You will be able to pre-order the game and receive a special digital bonus pack from the following retailers:

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Collector’s Edition will be available at Amazon Germany and all good retailers in Switzerland and Austria.

You will be able to pre-order the game and receive a special digital bonus pack from the following retailers:

In Australia, the Collector’s Edition will be available at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, GAME, Mighty Ape and a selection of independent shops.

You will be able to pre-order the game and receive a special digital bonus pack from the following retailers:

Update: Pre-order details were announced for France. You’ll be able to pre-order the Collector’s Edition at selected retailers. As for the pre-order bonuses, here’s the rundown…

As we have more details on pre-ordering in other territories, we’ll keep you posted.

Reader Comments

  1. Well thats nice to know….its just poop that GAME & Gamestation are the only ones stocking the Collector’s edition. I wanted the Trbal Pack damn it.
    I take it there’s no way to swap packs then?
    How’s about adding all packs to the collectors? “More for your money” n all that.

  2. “Europe”, and then “UK”, and “Germany, Austria and Switzerland”… That’s a pretty small Europe, eh.
    Come on, geography needs some love too…

  3. i wouldnt hold my breath hoping that they change anything this late in the game. i would hope though that they would put all this content into one pack and sell it via psn or LIVE

  4. Why haven’t you guys started making these Pre-Order DLCS available in a pack? I understand exclusivity but ultimately they end up on the XBL downloads anyway…

    As a diehard fallout fan I want all of these packs!

  5. I meant to suggest including them in the CE as well… or atleast a special Collectors Edition set of armor/weapons/accessories, It’s not too late!!

  6. Well most “exclusive” content ends up as DLC sooner or later anyway. Hopefully that’ll be the case here.

    Any thoughts Gstaff?

    Whilst on the subject of dlc, and I think I speak for alot of people out there, Obsidian/Bethesda, guys, please dont drop the ball with this game. Bethesda did amazing and set the bar for (quickly-ish) releasing extra content on Fallout 3 and since FNV is looking to be even more popular there’s no reason why FNV shouldnt get the same amount, if not MORE dlc than its predecessor. You can do it guys, please dont let us down.

  7. Denmark:

    Collectors Edition: GAME, Gamestop and CDON.com

    Caravan Pack: Blockbuster and Steam

    Tribal Pack: CDON.com

    Mecenary Pack: Gamestop

    That’s what I’ve Been able to find so far.

  8. The bonus packs aren’t exclusive. you’ll get all the gear eventually out in the desert, the pack is just what you start off with.

  9. Lone Wanderer:
    take note at the picture above. the three items pointed out on the character states pre order exclusive. at the bottom it states ‘also includes: 5 stimpacks”. sure the stimpacks anyone can find in game but the other items, no. the same goes for the other character pics that show the pre order bonuses.

    most ‘exclusive’ items do become available. but there is no guarantee. hopefully if they do become available it wont be too far into the future.

  10. Finally! This is the news that I’ve been waiting for! Now, I can get the CE in Europe. A big thanks to all at Bethesda and Obsidian for this!

  11. No northern Europe as of yet? Or do some of the other ones apply? Or nothing?

    I’d not be surprised, the local Gamestop didn’t offer any bonuses to go along Fallout 3 either.

    I like bonuses. Even though I have to pay for them.

  12. Gilgamesh. Northern Europe has got some details. I put in the Details for DK, and I know that at least CDON.COM operates through out the Nordic countries, and so does Steam. So that’s two places you can get bonuses and one that has got the CE, are you sure about Gamestop here in DK they do give out a bonus. You can’t see it in the store, but on their webpage they have an add stating it. The Nordic countries have a lot of shared web shops so if that is what you mean with Northern Europe it sholdn’t be that hard Other then that Both the UK and Germany details have been publised too. Only thing i see missing noternlike is the Baltic and Poland. of course Sweden Finland and Norway are missing too, but as i said we have more than a few shared wep shops other then that google is a good way of finding the right places. When you find out about the situation in your country please submit it here in the comments that will help the community 🙂

  13. Great big of incorrect info this is. At Game in the UK you can only get the preorder bonuses on PS3 and Xbox, and I can’t find any information about the Gamestation preorder bonuses.

    So basically, preordering the Collector’s Edition of Fallout New Vegas in the UK would be the same as buying it after launch.

  14. Will this be avaliable other then pre-ordering it because I just do not have the cash right now and I want the CE so would I be able to buy it after the release like for example november 9th?
    Please right back

  15. Thank you for these details, but is there a date when we will be able to pre-order theses CE, especially the PC version ?
    (currently in France, on Amazon.fr, only the XBox and PS3 CE can be ordered, but not the PC version…)

  16. What about people not living in any of these places, im currently in taiwan how can i get my hands on these collectors pack? dont tell me to order it from USA cause its too much trouble.

  17. I would like to know if you will get any special items in game other than the pre-order stuff if you get the collector,s edition for the extra 20$ i would like to be able to pick the pack i want to use just an idea also iv played the original fallout and fallout 2 please include the massive arsenal of weapons to kill people with unlike the epic fail of fallout3 got tired of useing the same weps through the whole game ie ak47 plasma rifle tribeam laser u know the quick kill ones thank you

    ps have lots of hope for the guys who made the originals please dont forget that zombies and aliens are cool to lol good luck on your game

  18. I hope the collectors edition will be available in hungary because I want it very badly.
    Oh God please give me a chance to get the collectors edition I will be a good boy!!!

  19. Hi there, I would like to buy the CE on amazon.co.uk but I can’t find it anywhere! Why do you only sell the CE on amazon.com (US)?

    P.S. I live in Denmark and refuse pay 105$ (Yes that is the price for the CE in the local stores in Denmark!) When I can get it on the US for only 70$ on amazon.com

    You must be able to sell the CE on Amazon.co.uk and not just game.co.uk or something cause they’re way overpriced too..


  20. I don’t understand why there are restrictions on countries. Why in hell are there restrictions on where people live for gods sake? If I am ordering international shipping over the net with a valid credit card AND I AM PAYING YOU then why why why do you care where I live? My country not good enough for you?

  21. @KennyDK
    thnx for the heads up, unfortunately this is an UK only pre-order 🙁 from their website [the little letters] Terms & Conditions: UK ONLY.

    I hope that they are gonna release an CE for The Netherlands as well [also a Dutchy ;)].
    Think it’s a bit odd that you can pre-order the CE’s for the console, but NOT for the PC. Console pre-orders are availible almost everywhere in The Netherlands, but why not the PC version? Perhaps they feel that PC gaming is not what it’s used to be anymore [read: easier to make money on console games than PC].

    Other problem is that [speaking for myself] i’m also unable to import it from websites outside The Netherlands. Due to no creditcard [only PayPal thru bank account]. And as mentioned before, the prices are getting idiot high. Saw one on Ebay..this costed 74,90euro + 34,31 shipping costs!!! Owyeah, and they did NOT ship outside the USA, so a double no go.

    So right now i’m in a bit of a dillema…pre-order the regular game with “pre-order advantages” like the bonus packs. Or just wait untill release, and hope that the local gameshop does have a few CE’s in stock. It’s [for me] crazy to and pre-order a regular edition, and check the local gameshop for a CE. That way i would be stuck with two copy’s of FA:NV….at a total cost of about a 100 euro. If i had the money, i’d it…but i have to pay rent, food etc etc as well so it’s not possible for me to do it that way.

    @Bethseda: Please, i beg you, release the CE’s in The Netherlands [and other countries] as well. You guys have a huge fanbase. Don’t let the rest of the world down.

    Thnx for your time.
    Kind Regards from The Netherlands,
    Stefan Scholten

  22. @Stefan
    The uk only refers to the preorder bonus which is The Classic Pack I think. When I add the game to basket and goes to checkout I can chose my country (in my case Denmark) and the Shipping method goes automatic to “Shipping method Delivery cost updated. You have currently selected Royal Mail – Europe – 3 to 5 business days”

    Guess it’s worth a try if you got a creditcard 🙂

  23. @KennyDK

    Yeah I found that too just before I checked in here :). But I want the mercenary pack damnit! :S

    But I guess I could buy it from Gamestop in Denmark then for about 550kr.

    and to Rasmus Bertelsen

    You can get it MANY places in Denmark, assuming your from Copenhagen, you can buy it in Blockbuster, Gamestop, Game and probably other places too.. But the price varies a lot and it’s not cheap at all 😛

  24. @ Mikkel

    Yeah I think the mercenary pack is the best of them aswell 😛

    Anyway….I’ve ordered my CE from GAME 599-.ddk including posting and package over a month ago, had it preordered at CDON but that was 699,- dkk + post and package :/ Then I saw this blog and DanishMiki’s comment above cancelled my order at CDON and went to GAME’s shop and ordered that instead 🙂

  25. Guys… please, is there a reseller for the uncut UK CE where I can pay with PayPal?

    I´m from Germany and I won´t buy the german or austrian Version… need the english…

    Please answer me

  26. I pre-ordered mine from Game… received it on Friday 22nd October.
    I have still not received the DLC code from them, and wondered if anyone else is having the same problem?

    I emailed them on Friday (22nd) and received for answer on the Saturday that the code would be automatically sent to me on the day the game is released!
    I have of course replied to explain that it was released on Friday, still waiting…

  27. Hey guys,I preorderd the limited edition on gamesonly.at(so caravan pack),but they did not ship me my download code,and when I asked them about it,they said that they never had selled CEs with the codes.
    I`m downright pissed of!I thought that I would get that code and I was so excitet and now that!Or are you kidding me?