QuakeCon/GamesCom: Hunted Roundup

Phew! QuakeCon and GamesCom are now in the rearview mirror, but they’ve left a trail of coverage to catch up on. We start our recaps with Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

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Eurogamer’s Tom Bramwell flew to Texas for QuakeCon and went hands-on with the game. Here’s a snippet of his preview:

“Characters are beefy and convincing and the world is detailed and polished already. It’s very comfortable with long sight lines and spectacular views, the camera shifting to stare down past Elara into a ravine as she sidles along a ledge, and framing a massive ogre as it prowls in the distance.”

Gamespot had a chance to preview the game at both QuakeCon and GamesCom. Additionally, they caught up with inXile Entertainment President Matt Findlay in Dallas. Watch the  interview above.

Elsewhere went hands-on with the latest build of the game. In this excerpt, previewer Kevin Kelly talks delves into the game’s exploration elements.

“Another system that the developers are toying with is an in-game guide system. Clicking L3 will reveal a ‘trail of sparkles’ for lack of a better term, which will lead you back to your partner, or towards an objective. They’re calling it the ‘Golden Waypoint’ right now, although that could change, and it will point out exits in a haze of smoke as well. It won’t be a direct path drawn on the ground, a la Dead Space, because they want to encourage exploration in the game. As Maxx puts it, ‘The game is 70% combat and 30% exploration,’ and there’ a lot of stuff to find.'”

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With coverage continuing to come in… we’ll continue to update this post with the latest news on Hunted. In the meantime, you can discuss the game within our forums.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for linking to The Astringent Gaming Journal! I had a great time playing the game and meeting Matt Findley. The game holds a lot of promise, so expect a review from me as soon as I can get a copy!

  2. Hunted.. From one side I like the idea behind it, it allows friends to have some action together over the Internet without the need to play or subscribe to some MMO (not all have time for that). Although I would want it to have a possibility to include more then two players, say up to 4 for example. Also, what I find somewhat limiting is that the chars are to pre-determined. There’s the male and the female char – what if me and my friend want to play it and we don’t play female chars (call us “old school gamers”, we play the chars who sort of represent us and neither of us is a girl, heh)? What if we want to play the game as two melee chars – can’t here since the “classes” are pre-determined – male char does melee and magic and female char does ranged and magic. What if I want to be a melee and some ranged support and my friend wants to be a spellcaster and a support class? And so on. Basically the idea is nice but you really should add more freedom with the chars – customize their looks, customize their “classes”, their gender and so on. That would unlock the true potential this game may have. Pre-determined settings which are set in stone and cannot be changed are limiting and not liked very much.