QuakeCon/GamesCom: On the Brink of a plenty to read…


This month at GamesCom and QuakeCon, we let both press and fans play Brink against human-controlled opponents for the first time — with both groups coming away impressed — so impressed that consumer areas, we saw players coming back for seconds and thirds.

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo shares his experience playing the game at QuakeCon in a post titled, “Brink Is The Breakthrough That Makes 2011 Feel So Far Away.” To see why he feels that way, read his preview here.

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Like Kotaku, G4TV recently checked out the game as well, saying the following about the game:

“With it’s unique art style and focus on squad-based play (which also features drop-in and drop-out online), Brink is shaping up to be a fun cooperative experience, and one where communication with your teammates is key. This game forces you to learn the dynamics of a squad, and play nice with each other, so you can play very, very bad with the enemies.”

Want to know some reasons you’ll want to play Brink multiplayer? Maximum PC has six reasons the game will be your next multiplayer addiction.

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At both GamesCom and QuakeCon, when Paul Wedgwood wasn’t showing folks the game, he was answering questions about it. Check out his interviews below — beginning with GameTrailers.

More interviews with Paul can be watched and read at Gamespot, VG247, Destructoid, and Eurogamer

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