BRINK Developer Diary #3 – The End of Genre As We Know It

Another Tuesday, another new Brink video documentary. In this week’s video, The End of Genre As We Know It, you’ll learn more about how Splash Damage is blurring the lines between single player and multiplayer, as well as online and offline play in Brink.

If you’ve missed the previous videos, check out  The Last Stand and The Dawn of S.M.A.R.T.

Reader Comments

  1. This is the game I have waited for all my live. I just did not know it..

    Is there a date for open (or even closed) beta yet?

  2. Well, a true challenger for the other major fps games. I must say that Brink not just appears to have what it takes, but it has all of the necessary and a lot more.
    In other words, a simply brilliant game.

  3. @Struyk: yes, you can play 8 people on Resistance vs. 8 people on Security. Keep in mind that as you advance through the game’s campaign (there’s one for Security, one for Resistance), you’ll be playing against people doing the exact same thing (or if you prefer, you can just play against the computer).

  4. Talk about futuristic. Reminds of when i first played games like TES ARENA/DAGGERFALL, DOOM, UNREAL and i felt like i was completely in the game learning and becoming part of the world experiancing things i had never done in real life or in a computer game.

    The artificial intelligence commander looks amazing in the same way massive random map generators were in the 1990s for games like DAGGERFALL and NOSFERATU: THE WRATH OF MALACHI.

    Will be interesting to see how the computer ai plays against humans. I still think UNREAL had some of the trickiest life like bots in deathmatch mode.

    Thanks for the fantastic top notch million dollar looking video previews. They could put all the previews together and make a movie out of it.

  5. Game looks absolutley awsome. Kinda wish there was more multiplayer info though. Is campaign going to be the only multiplayer are with there be like a death match / headquaters also? I know its not call of duty but with the freedom of movment those types of game modes would be awsome.