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  1. Whats so great about “In The Works”, if it has nothing to do about unnounced games such as TESV? Thas all the ES fans want is to hear about a TES V.

  2. Stop being a tease Beth. We all know you’re good for it, give us atleast a couple of screenies and make the fanbase happy.

  3. Bethesda now has a podcast!? The only thing better than that would be a TES V announcement.

    You have quenched my thirst for Bethesda love 🙂
    I hope you guys do many episodes!

  4. Was wondering where the newsletter was and it was in my junk mail. Just thought I’d mention that. Also I’ll be sure to hit your booths at PAX!

  5. Ahh good to see a Elder Scrolls link under Games on this site, I take it as evidence that your working hard on TES V!:)

  6. Oh come one, we know you guys are working on TESV, so why would you not announce it?
    At least do it before one of us kills himself because he couldn’t wait anymore…