Driving home in style

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Before QuakeCon, we announced that two lucky attendees would be driving home in a 2011 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 (courtesy of one of the show’s sponsors, Ventrillo). Recently I caught up with one of the winners, Adam Roth (shown above, right). A resident of Dallas, Adam works as an engineer, and he spends his free time building PCs and playing first-person shooters.

How many QuakeCons is this for you?

This was my 2nd. I watched Wiper win the Shelby last year and just had to have one of my own.How did you get to the event?  What were you previously driving?

I’m currently driving a Mazda 3, which I love. I think I’m going to keep it as my daily driver and just take the Shelby out on weekends.

What’s your favorite thing about the car?

550 horses under the hood… that’s just insane! Also, I can finally tell my mother that all these years of playing video games paid off.

Any road trips planned in the new ride?

Naw, this ain’t a road trip kinda car.  his is a cruisin around town kinda car!

Aside from winning a car, what’s your favorite part of QuakeCon?

I really enjoy watching the tournaments. Previously, I never really got into watching competitive gaming.  I’ve tried watching stuff online but I just couldn’t get into it… I found it kinda boring. But sitting at Quakecon with hundreds of other people and watching the greatest players in the world, talking about the match with the guys around you, and hearing all the cheers and groans of the crowd… there’s something about being in that atmosphere that really draws you in.  It’s like the difference between watching baseball at home versus going to a game. It’s addicting

Thanks Adam… and congrats again on winning the car!

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