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  1. thanks! i love these kinds of production style discussions. it’s one thing when we sit around at my work and go back and forth how some iPhone app should look and feel, but games have so exceeded the realm of “software design” that they now approach the level of movie production.

    this behind-the-scenes underscores my assessment that Brink looks like “Team Fortress directed by David Fincher.” TF had a nice design requirement that every character class have a unique silhouette, such that catching just a glimpse of them is sufficient for identification. it also has a strong color component, but really just for team ID and map navigation.

    based on screens and videos, i think the environmental realism plus slightly cartoonish characters WILL take some getting used to – chins galore, it seems. when i first saw some of the chars i thought that genetic engineering or mutations were a part of the backstory (sorry, Olivier). the use of color looks perfect – i think it fits in with the plot. this place was to be the great hope: the color once reflected the Ark’s ambition and hope, now it just contrasts the decay and conflict.

  2. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the art direction of this game. Seriously, well done guys for taking the risk, because in my eyes, it’s paid off handsomely. Roll on Spring ’11

  3. Olivier was wrong!

    So I’m sure this will be a great game, but that was thoroughly disappointing.

    I’m so very tired of cartoon characters. That was one of the many reason I still think Morrowind is much better than Oblivion. Despite all it’s visual gloryb the characters in oblivion just looked silly. Morrowind was so much more… believable. Contrary to what others say, you can make a photo-realistic game that is still loads of fun. I just don’t get the same sense of immersion with ridiculous looking characters.

    Next time go with your gut.

    Still, I’m sure it will be a fantastic game.