IGN Top 25 Lists Honor Fallout 3 and Oblivion


With the Xbox 360 nearly five years old, the editorial staff at IGN put together a new list of the Top 25 Xbox 360 Games. Bethesda Game Studios’ Oblivion and Fallout 3 both made the list — ranking #10 and #2, respectively.

Thanks to all of you for playing the games, and congrats to the devs that worked on these titles.

Reader Comments

  1. some games had no business being on that list. oblivion and fallout, imo, would have ranked higher. some games i never sell or trade and these two being some of them. i may be the minority, but i never understood halo. having halo 2 on pc, rented halo 3, i couldnt get into them. same with orange box. there are some that should be on that list.

  2. Wowzers! Top 10 and 2 spots and still being played and sold like mad 😀 Congratulations Bethesda for being the winners you are.

    I can truly say a day doesnt go by when am not playing a game by Bethesda. We are truly fortunate to be so completely entertained with such a relaxing obsession.

  3. oblivion was the best and the most fun game i have ever played it is an alltime favorite and i cant wait for the next elder scrolls to come out…when will that be?