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  1. foley stuff is so fun to see – especially when it involves loud machines that spit hot lead. side note: jeeze, did they have suppressors for, like, every gun? including a suppressed 1911?! and is that a DeLisle-style suppressed Enfield? you sure found the right collection to record!

    i am curious to see how the plot unfolds. i imagine that, like many games, there are times where you have a choice of several missions to do. however, one thing that seems rarer than it should be is irrevocable consequences: a choice that creates many changes in the game, impossible to undo. the kind of thing where you’d have to re-play the game, or the entire game after that point, to see what the choices do.

    to put on my curmudgeon hat: it kills me to see FPS demo videos like this, that are obviously recorded on a console. it’s very obvious from the lack of fluidity in POV movement, especially vertical pointing. i hope it’s not an indicator of the increasing trend in multiplatform releases: watering down the game for the capabilities of consoles.