DOOM, Oblivion & Fallout make GamesTM’s 100 Greatest


The Cacodemon’s perfectly pixel-crafted face graces one of the many covers of this month’s GamesTM. The magazine is celebrating its 100th issue by counting down the 100 greatest games of all time, with DOOM, Oblivion and Fallout 3 all making the list.

Impressively, all 100 games got their own cover for the month, so click below for a look at the Oblivion and Fallout spreads:



Reader Comments

  1. And what about Morrowind?

    Oblivion really really good! But Morrowind was better!

    In my personal top 10 the first is Morrowind and the second oblivion

  2. Oh man! Those are some buetiful magazine covers! Congratulations and thanks for the fantastic covers which makes one feel as if we’re sharing in the celebration 😀

  3. congrats! 3 worthy titles. i’m curious about the rest of the list, including #1, since these can be hotly debated title. like, what KIND of game belongs in #1? it’s not like saying “what is the #1 movie of all time?” because at least most movies look and feel the same (beginning, middle, end, conflict, resolution, etc) while game experiences vary vastly. who is to say that Fallout 2 is a “better” game than Puzzle Fighter or Myst if they’re such vastly different experiences?

    i’d like a set of all these covers, would make a nice screensaver slide show. (currently my screen saver is 700 shots from Fallout 3 and all the DLCs.)

  4. I too wonder why Morrowind never gets any love from these greatest ever lists. It was as good (better imo) than Oblivion and certainly paved the way for successful sandbox world games.

  5. Morrowind should be on the list, but it’s very old and outdated. If Morrowind was newer and had better graphics, then it would probably make the list.