New Vegas Pre-Order Update: Coasters at Best Buy


Here’s an update on our pre-order plans for Fallout: New Vegas at Best Buy. With a $5 deposit on your pre-order (regular or Collector’s Edition), you’ll receive four collectible coasters themed after the casinos on the New Vegas strip. Additionally, you’ll still receive the Mercenary Pack shown here.


For full details on pre-ordering at Best Buy, click here.

Reader Comments

  1. how very disappointing. i was going to buy the Merc pack (let’s face it: practically, it is the best, all others are a joke) but i went with the Classic from GameStop – i just can’t say no to Fallout nostalgia, plus there’s a store nearby.

    then you announce the coasters for Kmart. OK, those should have been in the collector’s edition to start out with (along with all bonus packs, ahem), but, fine, they’ll be a consolation for not getting the preorder bonuses from a cooler retailer.

    now you announce that you can get the preorder bonus and actual, tangible, valuable swag? from only one retailer? but, sure, i can buy them otherwise by going to Kmart and spending $5 on 4 coasters…

    stop chumping us, Bethesda! coasters for everyone! or at least make them sting less than $5 (and losing the $15 discount because you wanted in-game items). how about a big-ass promo site with the coasters and the damn NCR shirt that i’ll probably never get without stalking and robbing an industry journalist? trust me, you’ll make a lot more money there than you will by playing games with consumer desires.

    (also, the “additional info is provided” link is dead, dependent on some non-existent JavaScript from

  2. Removed the link… it wasn’t working. You can find the additional details by clicking on “see offer details” at the link above. It does mention the coasters do not apply if you already ordered.

    BUT, it looks as though you can still get the coasters. Best Buy pre-orders can be cancelled up until the day before the game would ship. If you ordered from Best Buy already, you can cancel it, and then re-order to get the coasters.

    If I get more details, I’ll let you know.

  3. i preordered from Best Buy a week ago, three days after that i get an email from best buy saying i’ll get a $20 gift card as well. nice, that’ll go good with the $5 off the Limited Edition Strategy guide.

  4. It seems that this offer is only good for the regular edition, not the collector’s edition. I tried on

    Maybe I just don’t grok wot I’m s’posed to do.

    But I’d like to throw in my two bits re: promo items. Yes, I agree that the coasters should have been in the collector’s edition to begin with, but furthermore, Bethesda could have really done a brisk business in t-shirts this whole time. RPG’ers are especially into wearable (or just hoardable) swag. I remember pining for the media-promo items from Fallout 3. It just seems like a foolishly overlooked business opportunity for Bethesda, and a disappointing lack of fulfilling a market niche for fans.