From PAX and Beyond: Hunted roundup


In addition to the new gameplay footage at Machinima, which Nick shared earlier in the week, there’s been plenty of great news and coverage for Hunted coming out of PAX and GamesCom. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights.

Today on Destructoid, the game was announced as one of their Best of Show picks at PAX. Wanna know how it made the list? Read Jim Sterling’s hands-on impressions from the show. Here’s an excerpt…

“Graphically, Hunted is very pretty looking, and the gameplay, at least for ranged combat, feels highly polished already. The only minor gripe so far is that steering characters left and right, especially when running, is a bit stiff. Otherwise, this is looking like it could be a surprise hit in 2011 and is a game I am definitely excited about.”

For more on Hunted, check out the following sites:

  • Ausgamers has a hands-on look, with an all-new interview coming soon.
  • NowGamer looks forward to Hunted, calling it a “promising and slightly different two-player experience.”
  • VG247 share their thoughts on the game after seeing it at GamesCom.
  • Crispy Gamer plays Hunted at QuakeCon.
  • Default Prime post their latest look at the game.
  • Short preview at Gaming Nexus.
  • A look at Hunted from Hooked Gamers.

We leave you with a GamesCom interview — courtesy of Game Events — with game director Maxx Kaufman… enjoy!

Maxx at GamesCom

For more updates on Hunted, visit our Facebook page for the game.

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