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Today we’re pleased to announce a new website dedicated to finding jobs within the ZeniMax family. Visit to find openings at ZeniMax (Rockville, MD), ZeniMax Online Studios (Hunt Valley, MD), id Software (Dallas, TX), Bethesda Game Studios (Rockville, MD), and newly-aquired Arkane Studios (with offices in both Lyon, France and Austin, TX). For each studio, we’ve got information on the latest job openings — including details on the responsibilities and requirements for each position.

For more details on applying, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. for those of us already gainfully employed in career-oriented yadda yadda yadda…

    what if we just want to field beta test? what if we’re a really good beta tester? what if your PMs could weep joyfully over awesomely detailed reports?

  2. Good idea, makes it much easier to access. I only knew of the one on and ZeniMax Online Studios, none of the others. Don’t be too discriminate…. wait… yes be very discriminate.

  3. Wow, you are looking for a lot of people! Good to see all studios are expanding. I cannot freaking wait for New Vegas and then for whatever Harvey Smith is cooking, and of course for another internal Beth game.
    Yeah and Rage too : )