The Bethesda Podcast: Now Seeking Your Questions


As we began to experiment further with the Bethesda Podcast, we had an epiphany: why ask the hard questions when we can get you guys to do it for us?

Starting with this week’s episode, we’ll be taking your questions directly to the folks that make Bethesda games. What sorts of questions? We’re going to leave that up to you.

Wondering how many factions are in Fallout: New Vegas? We have an answer for that. Not sure how Brink multiplayer is going to work? We can tell you. Ask us about the trials and tribulations of game development, or our favorite mods. Anything goes — though we guarantee that nothing regarding our top secret projects will be answered.

Head to the Bethesda forums to leave your question in our open thread. We’ll pluck a few every week and do our best to get them answered. Thanks in advance!

Reader Comments

  1. What are your thoughts on other, recent open world sandbox games. Fable 2/3, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed 1/2? Is there anything they’ve done that you find particularly compelling?

  2. Any news on the horizon regarding the Elder Scrolls franchise? A game? A book perhaps? And if you can’t answer that, have any of you played Nehrim? It’s a total conversion for Oblivion that is just awesome. It’s unbelievable what some people can do with the construction set…

  3. Are NPC’s in Fallout: New Vegas going to be as annoying as they were in Fallout 3? After hearing multiple people saying “be more carefull” or something like that, I just started going on killing spree’s

  4. I cant get enough of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Is there a new game being designed, I don’t think I can wait much longer. Im going to have to buy Halo or something and I dont want that.

  5. Oblivion and Fallout 3 feature expansive and very detailed environments. For the aspiring environment artists out there, could you kind of give an overview of what it takes for the artists at Bethesda to create those environments? What is the process that Bethesda uses? Could you give aspiring artists any tips on environment creation?

  6. -Is there a possibility of this game getting delayed with all the stuff being put into it?
    -I saw one of the achievements made was “Get all teammates”, but you can only have two specific teammates at a time, and theres like 7. Is karma not a factor, and do you not need to join a certain team to be teamed up with these teammates? And if you’re like the bomb and have played fallout 3 on Very Hard difficulty without any HUD and beat it in a breeze, then keeping my teammates alive should be REALLY easy and i dont want to go kill them off just so i can get another teammate thats weaker just so i can get the achievement.
    -I never really understood why you gave the product to Obsidian. Is that a branch of your company, or are you using them like Treyarch uses Infinity Ward to see their ideas, and then improve on those same ideas for a new game? or are you gonna start passing the game to other developers like a peice of cake (joke)?
    -since ive played Fallout 3 for over 700 hours (no exaggeration, I’m serious!) and have all the achievements, game and dlcs, and have preordered Fallout New Vegas Special Edition like 4 months before it releases…i dunno. just make sure obsidian develops a good ending.

  7. So uh, how does one go about finding this podcast? On iTunes I can only find the first episode and when I click the link above it also only provides the first episode about, about Quakecon and whatnot.

  8. Any thoughts on the “hardcore” mode included in FNV? It seems the gaming industry has been moving towards a more casual and easy to understand experience, which makes sense considering how well the Wii is doing. I must admit that I whole heatedly appreciate Obsidian’s efforts to remember hardcore gamers.