New Vegas Companions revealed on PlayStation Blog


Today on the PlayStation Blog (both in North America and Europe), we’re sharing information on the eight companions that can accompany you in Fallout: New Vegas. As mentioned in previous interviews and coverage, while playing the game, you’ll be able to have one humanoid and one non-humanoid companion at anytime.

Head over to Sony’s blog to meet these handy helpers.

Reader Comments

  1. wow, more interesting than the characters themselves (if that’s possible – a schizophrenic old grandma nightkin?! rad!) is what the article reveals about the game world…

    – The Followers of the Apocalypse have a New Vegas chapter
    – Companions have perks that affect you!
    – Caravan wars started when NCR expanded – monetary tension? is this because of the NCR’s fiat currency vs. the water/cap standards?
    – The Brotherhood of Steel seems to not have too many resources around New Vegas
    – ED-E was the eyebot from the preview!
    – the return of the cyberdog!

    aha, so the eyebot was the Primm companion referred to in the IGN AU interview…

  2. does this officially mean that there’s no standard dogmeat? I mean don’t get me wrong, a robot dog is cool, but a lot of people like myself would prefer the option of having a regular dog… I just don’t see myself exploring with a robot dog companion, it’s just not the same.

  3. Robo-dog. What more can I say, other than there’s gonna be some HARD choices to make. I’m thinking Boone and Rex. I guess. Though having Cassidy and the Eyebot would rock too… Uuugh. T.T

    And Emilio, you know all of that had already been postulated/known, right? Head over to and take a gander, quite a bit on New Vegas already.

  4. Wow, what an overwhelmingly WHITE selection of companions!

    The Fawkes replacement is also EXTREMELY disappointing. A bonnet-wearing, blade-wielding super mutant who’s also an old woman? How juvenile.

    They Hype Principle prevails yet again.

  5. I liked jericho from the last because he said some funny thing to say. So I guess the equivalent is lily, ain’t good as fawkes I presume but her schizophrenia will be interesting.

    But overall during hardcore mode, will stick or switch between boone, lily, and cass. As my third non humanoid it’d be rex. The combination of the perks they provide and got to see who is better at killing enemies.

  6. This is my favourite franchise. The game has everything I want. I will be waiting for a game of the year edition to buy it. I waited for the Fallout 3 edition with all the extras and the wait was worth it.

  7. @Sam, yeah… i’m trying to not dip in to the Wikia page too much to avoid spoilers. (learning every companion is kinda spoilers, but it doesn’t reveal the plot.) like i said in another thread, i always do the first playthrough without consulting Wikia.

    @Justin eventually the game industry, like the movie industry, will realize that ethnic identity in the US isn’t homogenous (not to mention globally!). at least we got a Mexican Ghoul (that arguably isn’t human anymore, take that for what you will) and a custom character generator that lets you be something other than the generic video game hero (square-jawed, brown-haired white guy around 6′ – see Uncharted, Far Cry, GTA 3, Mass Effect’s default Shepard, etc etc). hell, even being able to play as a woman and having women in combat-oriented roles is progressive.

  8. I like the look of most, the super mutant does not appeal to me. But the dog and eyebot look like really good companions, I especially like the fact that followers offer certain perks that can be quiet handy in interaction or just pure role-play sense.

  9. All the companions look mighty cool and with the potential of highly interesting quests to help them to enjoy a better life if successful. Ooo a friendly Eyebot! And a Cyberdog!!!

  10. wouldn’t it be good if you complete for e.g if you completed fallout 3 when you start fallout new vegas you should be able load fallout 3 so some of you choices from fallout 3 will affect new vegas game e.g if you load fallout 3, certain charcters will appear in new vagas and if your in a certain place within a time limit it unlocked scenes e.g if a dad is looking for his son and he was spotted in a certain town if you reach there in time you can find him and get a reward if you just miss him you can ask town people for clue if he has went to another town if you haven’t found him by certain time the mission ends.

    and if you have a hidout you can stash you weapons/equipment if you can’t carry all your items and you don’t want to sell them place traps/guard dogs/robots to stop wastlanders from trying to steal you equipment and caps by breaking in( if it looks expensive what do ya think there gona do )

    and if you could build you own little village e.g if you started to collect scrapmetal/wood/building materials to build walls to protect from unwanted visitors you can pay wastlanders to help you build/find materials and slowly you can build houses/doctor clinic/other buildings and so on the better the village gets the more people will want to live in your village and you can recruit villagers to join your army but you have got to choose wisely you dont want old deaf fred on watch duty in the middle of the night you have got to build weapons and equipment for you army otherwise they will be runing out of the village in there boxies with spoon in there hands and nothing eles and you have to pay them for risking there lives the better your army the more everyone will fear/respect you if a certain tribe is known for eating there enemys your troops e.g gets scared and run away if ther not trained properly basicly its all about rep and if you let certain charaters into you town they might want to destroy all you hard work and open the gates for raiders to come in whiles everyone is asleep and wipe out your town while you away or asleep (its a dog eat dog world) in the end the game has got to finish how it finishes is up to you

    what do ya reckon about my idea ?