Brink roundup from PAX and beyond…


Today we have a look back at recent news coverage for Brink — both at PAX and GamesCom. Having attended the former myself, I can tell you the queue for the game was insane… with waits between two and four hours. Still, everyone I spoke to said it was worth the wait.

Apparently Machinima’s Inside Gaming crew thought so, too. This past week they declared the game best shooter of PAX (aka the Boom Headshot Award).

Meanwhile, Machinima Respawn interviewed Creative Director Richard Ham at the show. We’ve got the video embed and plenty more after the break.

Coming out of GamesCom, Brink was named one of the top 5 surprises of the show by X360 Magazine. Elsewhere, GamesRadar previewed the game — below are impressions of the the game’s SMART system:

“The parkour system (SMART) was instantly masterable. Hold down a button, run, jump over things – you know the deal. It’s not as deep as Assassin’s Creed, but it gets the job done – the game’s about shooting, not climbing walls. And it got even better when I figured out that pressing ‘crouch’ while running performed a forward slide which knocked down enemies. I wish someone had done it to me, just so I could have known what it looked like to see a beatnik-bearded man-train sprint toward you, disappear under your legs, and knock you over, all while spraying rifle fire in your face.”

There’s plenty more coverage out of GamesCom and PAX. Read hands-on impressions at the following sites.

Plus, there’s new interviews with Richard Ham at the following sites…

That’s all for now. Keep your browser dialed to Bethblog for future updates on the game.

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