Win an NCR shirt at Planet Fallout


After the first day of PAX, where we gave out thousands of Fallout: New Vegas NCR shirts at our booth, the #1 question I heard at our booth was, “Do you have any NCR shirts left?!?!” Even after returning from the show, I’m haunted by the question. Emails, tweets… even people asking me at dinner.

For folks in the US and Canada, I’ve got good news! Planet Fallout has an easy-to-enter contest on their site for a chance to win one of the coveted shirts. For full details, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. what i mean is that you guys should expand your store to more than just games. ill take me a super sized fallout coffee mug, window decal for my truck and some t-shirts 😀

  2. “cant i just buy one?”


    i’m getting weary of special pre-release exclusive promo blah blah blah. just let me give you money for cool stuff. i would easily pay $15-20 to advertise your game for you.

  3. i would love to have one of those shirts 😀 knowing my luck though i probbilly wont get one. thats ok though, im a fallout lover for life. 😀

  4. I feel then same way. I would pay for t-shirts and mugs. How about that clock? Don’t just put out one shirt either. Different designs equals more money. Thanks.

  5. Tick tock tick tock…looking forward to the next gen of fallout….too bad you couldn’t carry over your dude that you spent so much time on in the previous fallout(s). But excited anyways. Thanks.

  6. FALLOUT FAN since the PC days baby, When i heard that there was going to be a re-release of fallout on the 360 i went to buy a my first xbox from my local haji shop in iraq. FALLOUT the greatest game ever made my deployment go by so fast. thx for understanding and giving us true gamers what we want from a traditional RPG.

  7. Love your games I have them all and I cant wait for FNV. I love the replay-ability of your games and how I can literally play one of your games for several months and never get bored. Thank you for making such great games!!

  8. you guys are missing out on a cash cow by only doing promotional items. start up a site, sell fallout items, huge profits, everyone’s happy

  9. Looking for a unique gift for my boyfriend’s 12 year old son. I really need to win this t-shirt, or else the poor kid is stuck with getting clothes from American Eagle or Aeropostale.