New Vegas Collector’s Edition: Get it while you can!


If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition and haven’t done so already — now’s a good time to pre-order. Unless your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats are heavy on Luck, there’s a strong chance you won’t find them after the release of the game.

If you’re in the US, you can order the CE at the following sites:

If you’re in Canada, you can order the CE from these retailers:

If you’re wondering about all the content shown above, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the CE will all include the following

  • Seven “Lucky 7″ poker chips, each designed to represent chips from the major casinos found on the New Vegas strip and throughout the Mojave Wasteland.
  • A fully customized Fallout: New Vegas deck of cards. Each card in the pack has been uniquely illustrated to depict characters and factions found within the game. Use the cards to play poker, blackjack or Caravan, an original card game that was created by Obsidian especially for New Vegas.
  • A recreation of the game’s highly coveted “Lucky 38″ platinum chip.
  • A hardcover graphic novel “All Roads” that tells the story of some of the characters and events that lead up to Fallout: New Vegas. “All Roads” was written by Chris Avellone, the game’s creative director, and created in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics.
  • “The Making of Fallout: New Vegas” DVD. This documentary DVD will contain exclusive video content, including interviews with the developers in which they take you from concept to creation and discuss topics such as story, setting, legacy of the Fallout franchise and more.

For folks looking to order the collector’s edition in other parts of the world, please refer back to information provided in this post. We’ll let you know of any updates.

Reader Comments

  1. Great Shogun Warriors RAIDEEN! MAZINGA! and COMBATTRA! Got to make a mad dash to GameSpot and order that COLLECTORS EDITION! before its TOO LATE!!!

    Oh how i do love how greed and desire suddenly gives me super powers to get off my fatty fanny and run like the bionic man.

  2. I pre-ordered mine a dog’s age ago. Had to make sure I got this. It’s actually the first “S.P.E.C.I.A.L Edition” (no pun intended (ok, yes there was)) that I’ve ever bought, but I KNEW I had to get it.

  3. even though I live in czech republic, I already have it preordered from

    cannot wait – my preparation:

    playing and finishing fallout 1
    playing and finishint fallout 2 with restoration pack
    reading all roads
    playing New Vegas, baby !

  4. Are they producing a lot less of the CE’s than they did for Fallout 3? I can still find discounted CE’s of Fallout 3 on store shelves.

  5. Are the card decks going to be sold separately? If I’m not mistaken Caravan needs two decks, and being able to actually play it without having to buy a spare CE just for a second deck would be nice.

  6. Thats why i preordered the\is when i heard about it and b\paid it off bit by bit and now i’ll i have is the wait left till release 😀

  7. Hello, I wanted to ask you a question about the CE content.

    What is the material those cards and chips are made from?
    Please tell me the cards are plastic, and chips clay (or atleast 11,5g). 🙂

  8. I preordered my CE from walmart…… but its not listed. im still trying to figure out how ill get my content code for the caravan pack if its being shipped to my house…. help please?!?!?!