Hunted fan interview kicks off


Similar to what we did with Fallout: New Vegas, today we’re kicking off our fan interview for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Send your questions to our Twitter account, Hunted Facebook page, our email address, or simply post a question in the comments section below.

We’ll then pass along the best questions to the team at inXile. Once we have answers to your burning questions, we’ll let you know.

Ask away!

Reader Comments

  1. Will you be supporting the in-game editor with tutorials and samples?
    Will it be simple to construct the levels (eg drag’n’drop), leading to progressively complex scripting for events?
    Any chance for getting a video sampler of this in-game editor to wet our appetites? Screenshots would work equally just as well ^^

  2. Here’s some more questions for you:
    Will you also be providing an external editor, not in-game?

    There are many great looking games out there that look completely amazing and yet provide about as much content and entertainment as an empty zero-alcohol beer bottle. Is this the case for Hunted or have you gone to great lengths to create many hours of playable content?

    Some games rely on constant cut scenes, slowing the gameplay to a forced, linear crawl, every 5-15 minutes (eg Gears of War) to unfold the story. Have you approached this similar style or is it much more dynamic, interactive and less linear like gamers have been experiencing in Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion or Fallout?

    What is the expected length of average gameplay for Hunted? 60+ hours?

    I have seen written, as part of the games features; “Use powerful magic to boost your partner’s combat effectiveness and even the odds against increasingly formidable enemies.”
    Have you added any unique feature to “magic boosting” that differs from other games?

  3. This game is looking awesome and with Bethesda doing it even better I’m looking forward to playing this into the early hours with my mates.

  4. I would like any and all info you can give about weapons and armor, customization of the main characters and interaction between player characters and NPCs

  5. Will it be possible to complete the game solo? And are their specific co-op achivements? (Second question probably to early to answere i’m assuming?)

  6. How does the combat system work? Will physX be involved? Can you please explain the right and left button clicks, and the interface design?

  7. just wondering if this game is going to be co-op on counsel, or is it going to be over the internet co-op only? i like games you co-op counsel games.

    also when is the projected release date if there is one cant find it any were