On Newsstands: Cover Stories for Brink and New Vegas


Cheers to our mates over in our London office for sending over these smashing covers .

With a setup like that, you’d think the image above is from a UK publication, but it’s actually from Australia’s PC Powerplay, who checked out Brink, RAGE, New Vegas, and Hunted at this year’s QuakeCon. For Aussies interested in reading their impressions, I’m told it’ll be on newsstands on Friday.

After the break, check out two new covers for Fallout: New Vegas.


October issue of PC Jeux (France)


October issue of Canard PC (France)

Reader Comments

  1. AGGHH! The COVER HORRIFIES and MUTILATES the tranquility that was…

    Great PC PowerPlay cover and total attention getter. Thanks for the rush!